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Top 5 Physical Activities and Sports To Do On Your RV Camping Trip

When you go on an RV camping trip, very little of your time should be actually spent in your RV. In fact, other than sleeping and driving, practically all of your time will be much better spent in the great outdoors.

It’s outside, and not actually in your RV, where your best memories will be forged on your camping journey. There are an extremely wide variety of fun outdoor activities and sports for you to take part in as well, and the longer you stay at your campground, the more of these activities you’ll be able to do.

As you will find on Outdoorsy as well, there are many campgrounds in America that are made specifically for the purpose of having fun doing outdoor physical activities.

Here are the top five physical activities and sports you can do on your RV camping trip:


Numerous RV camping grounds (in fact, probably the majority of them), are located right next to hiking trails for you to take advantage of. These trails can range from short and flat for the novice hiker to ones that are more long and rugged and will prove to be a challenge to those who are more seasoned.

Mountain Biking

Biking allows you to travel at a faster speed than hiking while still getting lots of great exercise in, and it’s also a fantastic way for you to quickly get to any cool sight-seeing location you want to see. To make sure you get the best biking trails, you would be best served by researching specific RV camping parks located at those trails.

Water Sports

From swimming to jet skiing to boating to water skiing to kayaking, there is absolutely no shortage of water sports for you to enjoy so long as your RV campground is located next to a suitable lake.

ATV/Motorcycle Riding

ATV and motorcycle riding are both very thrilling activities in a number of different environments, but especially in mountain trails or in sand dunes by the ocean. Just remember to get a season or annual permit for your four-wheeler or motorcycle, or else you’ll owe a large fine.


Finally, fishing is one of the more relaxing kinds of outdoor activities you can do. It’s a particularly good activity to do in the morning before your day or in the evening after a long day of fun. Fishing is also something that people across all age groups will be able to enjoy as well.

When fishing, be sure that you follow all state and local laws and regulations. Chances are good that you will have to obtain a fishing license and season permit, and there will also likely be certain species of fish that you are allowed to catch and others that you aren’t.

Sports and Activities For Your Camping Trip

As you can see, there are a very wide variety of fun outdoor camping activities for you and your family to enjoy.


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