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Try These 5 NFL Betting Tips to Come Out On Top

When you’re betting on football, every game takes on new meaning. Besides paying close attention to winning picks and expert predictions, there are a few strategies you can use to make your NFL betting experience more successful.

1. Practice Good Money Management

Set aside a bankroll specifically for NFL betting and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Whether you win or lose, continue to stick with that bankroll. Spread your bankroll between several smaller bets instead of placing one large bet, so that you’ll be less likely to feel like chasing your losses. When you place several small bets, you are likely to make a profit in the long run, so long as you do your homework.

2. Gamble Sober

Successful sports bettors operate with clear minds. Never conduct NFL betting activities when you’re under the influence. Even a small amount of alcohol can cloud your judgment and contribute to rash decisions that you wouldn’t make under normal circumstances. Enjoy your choice of refreshments after all bets have been placed, and you’ll never regret your decision to drink.

3. Keep Emotion and Hype Out of the Equation

Everyone has favorite teams. All teams have their ups and downs though, so be sure to place your bets based on factual information rather than strong feelings for certain players or loyalty for particular teams. Be consistent as you place bets, and you’ll limit the potential for loss, particularly on games you feel particularly excited about.

Hype can be just as detrimental as emotion. Sometimes NFL news stories – both positive and negative – are blown completely out of proportion so that the networks airing them will get better ratings. Recognize insignificant hype when you see it, and opt not to pay attention. Be objective and pay attention to facts that will affect the way teams perform, and you’ll be more successful in the long run.

4. Always Do Your Homework

Educate yourself before you make even a single wager. If you’re brand new to NFL betting, learn the terminology and conduct in-depth research on teams. As you gain experience, continue to educate yourself. Be sure to pay attention to losing teams as well as winning ones, because you can reap serious financial rewards when you develop the skill to determine when a poor or mediocre team will be able to cover the point spread against a hot, talented team. You’ll know that you’re successful when you gain the ability to handicap and gauge teams with losing records.

5. Keep an Eye on Injury Reports

Knowing which players are injured and how those injuries affect the team as a whole can go a long way in making you more successful as a bettor. When considering injury reports, don’t just look at talent positions; be sure that you pay attention to other players. For example, when a key offensive lineman is injured, the running back’s performance can be adversely affected. Remember, all 11 players on the field contribute to a winning game.

Being a savvy bettor is about more than simply following tips – following individual players and teams, keeping on top of the latest NFL news, and watching trends and spreads can help make your NFL betting as rewarding as possible.

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