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Tweak Your Weight Training with the Rotational Movement Training Routine

Nowadays, exercising has been dubbed the best form of medicine. Well, how is this the case? Engaging in physical activities not only keeps you fit and healthy but also keeps cardiac diseases at bay. Other than working out, eating a well-balanced and healthy diet also goes a long way in ensuring that you reap the full benefit of your training routine.

More so, performance enhancements and steroids can aid in building your strength and endurance and helping you to work out better and more efficiently.

The fitness world is evolving, and as such, new training equipment is popping up by the day. In more cases than not, standard training routines feature a blend of strength and cardio routines coupled with flexibility and functional moves. The rise of High-intensity interval training and full body workouts has created an ever-growing need for innovative equipment that motivates new functional activities and motion patterns.

Typically, when you train, the exercises you perform may fail to cover all ranges of motion. However, proper exercises need to take care of most if not all spans of movement. In our day to day moves, our scopes of movement are split into three categories.

  • Sagittal

The body is split into left and right sides. Its range of movement involves moving up and down or front and back.

  • Transverse

Here, the body is divided into two parts: the bottom and top halves. Its motion ranges are mainly both externally and internally rotational.

  • Frontal

The body is split into the back and front sides with movements being side by side.

Rotational Movement Training aims to boost rotation, strength and flexibility. Additionally, it is crafted to be used on both non-dominant and dominant sides of the body, promoting ambidexterity.

Introducing RMT to your training regimen is quite straightforward. All you need is the RMT Club. The club’s intricate build makes it versatile training equipment both for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. Besides, the club can be used to perform a variety of exercises that range from strength training to mobility workouts.

The RMT Club does have a few additional features that make it stand out from the traditional functional training tools such as kettlebells and resistance bands.

  • Elastic and Sturdy Club Head

It is designed to take in maximum force when you are training on stuffed floors. Also, this cuts down on the risk of injury or destroying the training floor where the club is being used.

  • Comfortable and Strong Handle

This aids in swinging in all directions to improve your range of motion.

  • Internal Dynamic Weights

The club is packed with moving balls to build some sort of resistance.

For all-round functional strength, you need to ensure your non-dominant side is equally as strong as your dominant side. Also, rotational exercises will help build up your core strength and power. As you know, a strong core is a basis for performing the most intense activities and also helps you attain your fitness targets.

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