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Understanding the Basics of Football

Football is one of the most famous ball sports in the world. With many football competitions and conferences, football fans all over the world gather to witness the games and most especially cheering and screaming for their favorite players and teams. Many television and broadcast networks have been airing games which resulted to the modern popularity of the football game added to that is the endeavor of football foundations to extend this sports interest to the rest of the world.

Leading sports bookmakers have included football in their spreads, promoting both the game and matches in print media. We see football games and results in the sports sections of the daily news and we even use football vocabularies to describe our many day to day activities including conversations and behaviors. Truly, football has become a widely accepted hobby bot for local and international fans. Here we list the basic rules for a football match in order to better understand the spirit of the game!

Football is a sport typically played by two opposing teams composed of eleven players each. The field which is normally a rectangular dimension measures about 120 yard with goal lines on each end. It is also played with a ball that looks oval and is in inflated. The ball is usually made up of cowhide or rubber material which improves grip and protection.

There are two teams which are called offense and defense team. The offense team is the one with the control of the ball and attempts to forward the ball on the field either by passing or jostling with the opposite team’s members. The opposing team is called the defense team which struggles to take control of the ball under a football game. The offense team must try to forward into at least ten yards in four downs or also called plays. In case they fail to meet this, they turn over the football to the defense team and this team now becomes the offense team. However, if they succeed, they are given new set of four plays.

These two opposing teams are allowed to have as much as eleven members per game. More than eleven team members in a team incurs penalty however unlimited substitution for both teams are allowed. Each team is composed of several members which are designated as offense, defense players not to be confused with the offense and defense team. There are also specialized roles like special team players. The offense team plays the ball and pass it around onto its members while the defense team tries to huddle and take control of the ball. A kicking play may be expected and this time, each time are allowed to play with their special units of team members.

The main objective of the game is to win based on scores which is accomplished by advancing the football on the field and scoring as many points as possible. Scoring can occur on four forms which are touchdown, extra point conversion, a safety or a field goal. Usually, the time for a game is under 60 minutes or equivalent to an hour. It is further divided into two halves of 30 minutes each or measured as four quarters having fifteen minutes each. The football can take as much as a game of three or four hours.

The football field is measured 100 yards long with separate 10 yard end zone for each competing team. Usually, the field has stripes running from the width of the field at 5 yard limits. Shorter lines mark each side of the team to signify yard intervals on the field. These shorter lines are also called hash marks. There are spot wherein the end zone meets the field reserved for playing and this is formally called as the goal line. It is the end zone which is equivalent to the 0-yard mark. It is from that point that numbers mark 10-yard intervals going towards the 50-yard line finally marking the center of the field.

The game begins when one of the opposing team kicks off the ball to the side of the other team. The on, the captain of each team including the referee meets at the center field in order to do a coin toss. Whoever wins the coin toss shall determine which side is the kicking team and they may start by kicking the ball towards the other team’s side or receive the ball from a kick off from the other team. This means that both teams have finally chosen which is the offense team and the defense team.

The team who receives the ball must try to pass forward the ball to the other team’s end zone. The play which is also called down, ends when the ball goes down to the ground or out of the field’s territory. The position where the ball went down is the position of scrimmage or the position to where the ball will be placed for the next game. The offense team is given four downs or four plays in order to advance as much as 10 yards. Upon achieving the game continues until the offense gains 10 yards or the defense team regains the control of the ball under a given game. The greatest goal for the offense team is to score a touchdown and in order to achieve this, a player from the team must carry the ball across the opposition’s goal line or by catching a pass in the end zone mark. If the ball crosses the surface of the goal line while it is in the player’s possession, it is marked as a touchdown. The team who scores a touchdown is given the opportunity to add one or two more points called extra point conversion attempts. If a team happens to score two points from this, they will line up on the two yard mark and make an attempt at either running off or passing the ball until the end zone. If the team is succeeded, they gain two extra points but if they do not, no extra points are obtained. A team can also gain two points by tackling an opponent which has in possession of the ball in the other team’s end zone and this method of scoring is called safety.

Football fans out there, if you feel like we miss something, you can comment below to let us know!

Images by skitterphoto and tookapic under Public Domains CC0

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