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What Do You Need To Clean A Gun?

People get a sense of status and prestige by owning a gun. Gun is needed for self-protection.  If you have a gun, you need to take care of it so that it functions well all the time. Guns can get dirty easily due to corrosion or dirt. You can take the gun to a professional gun cleaner, or you can do it yourself with the help of certain tools. So, what do you need to clean a gun? Here we are going to learn about the tools that are required.

What do you need to clean a gun?    

Several tools are required to clean a gun. You should be very careful when cleaning your gun. It is a very sensitive object, and any carelessness can lead to dangerous accidents.

This site covers the guide you need to know before buying gun cleaning tools. Here are the tools needed for cleaning guns.


You need to take out all the components of the gun to clean it. The tool needed to do so usually come with the gun when you purchase it. You can use this multi-tool to dismantle the gun and then reassemble it after cleaning. You can also buy this tool separately from hardware stores. Flathead screwdrivers can work as well.

Cleaning rods

If you don’t use the proper tool, you can damage the gun. A cleaning rod is essential to clean a gun. When you buy a cleaning rod, you should make sure that the metal of the cleaning rod is soft so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the gun while cleaning. If there is a slight ding or nick on the end of the barrel, then it can affect the accuracy of the firearm. So, the metal of the cleaning rod should be softer than the metal of the barrel. You can buy a rod made of carbon fiber.

Bore brush

You can get bronze and nylon bore brushes in the market. The brush is usually attached to the cleaning rod. The bronzed brush is more abrasive so that it will clean better. But nylon brushes are more durable. So, you can choose either of them according to your preference. These brushes can clean any dirt inside the gun.

Jags and loops

These are used to pass square cotton swab to get out the dirt inside the barrel. The jag is used to stick the patch, and the loop is used to pass the patch through the small hole. You need to replace the cotton swab every time you pass it through the barrel.

Gun toothbrush

You can use the gun toothbrush to reach and crannies and nooks of the gun. You can use it to clean the trigger parts and slide grooves. These toothbrushes are specially made for cleaning the guns.


Along with the tools you also need some chemicals to clean the gun. Some people use WD-40 to grease the gun. But it can leave behind residues and get sticky. So, you shouldn’t use it. You can use a solvent to remove carbon, lead, etc. Degreaser can be used to remove oil and dirt. You can use lubricant to prevent rust. There are protectants available in the market that can protect your gun from harsh weather conditions.

Ultrasonic gun cleaner

It is very easy to clean the gun using an ultrasonic gun cleaner. The cleaning time will be substantially be reduced. It can clean the gun more thoroughly than the manual gun.


Other things can help you clean your gun properly. Here are some of the extra tools that can make the cleaning process very convenient.

  •    You can have an organization tray where you can keep all your tools, gun components, screws, etc. This way you won’t lose them.
  •    A bore guide can be helpful as well. It will keep cleaning rod centered in the rifle’s bore. The bore cleaning solvents also won’t drip down.
  •    Having a gun cleaning pad will prevent the solvents from leaking into the workspace. Buy
  •    Picks and swabs can be used to clean hard to reach places.

You should clean the gun whenever you use it. When cleaning you will have to make sure that you use the right tools; otherwise, you might damage the gun.


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