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What feelings people get when they engage in gaming apps

The mobile revolution is firmly upon us.  Smart phone usage is at an all-time high across a large number of demographics.  Nowadays it seems like everyone has an iPhone or Android device, when just ten years ago almost no one but the earliest of adopters had a smart device.  It’s been a huge advance in technology that has fundamentally changed the way that we go about our daily lives.  Things like phone booths and pagers have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Who needs a dedicated GPS device in their car any longer or looks up directions on MapQuest prior to heading off on a long trip?  

One thing that the mobile revolution has changed is the way that we play games.  Games used to be limited to home gaming consoles, PCs, and Nintendo 3DS devices and now we carry them around in our pocket and can play them whenever we’d like.  These games have a huge reach due to the number of smart phones in circulation and people just can’t seem to get enough of them.  The games we play cause a number of emotions and feelings within the player and is a big part of why we seem to be so drawn to mobile games.  Here are the feelings that people get when they engage with gaming apps.


Let’s face it games are fun, and people are happy when they are having fun.  Playing a game lets us escape reality for a few brief moments.  You could be having a really bad day, but just a few minutes of playing your favorite game app can change all of that.  Happiness is a key emotion that people feel while playing games, or they wouldn’t be playing them at the tremendous rate that they are.


Games pose a challenge and create a feeling of accomplishment when goals are met.  Perhaps no games are more exciting than mobile gambling apps.  Winning a hand at mobile poker or slots creates a rush of adrenaline that few other apps are able to replicate.  As a result, people really love their mobile gambling apps.  When people feel the exhillaration of winning, it’s something that they want to experience again and again, which is why people are constantly playing these types of games.


Not all games are easy to succeed at.  If they were, they wouldn’t be fun.  Feeling frustrated at a game is all a part of the process when playing a game that requires a high level of skill or mental abilities to win.  While people generally don’t like feeling frustrated, the build up of frustration is necessary to fully enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from finally overcoming an obstacle and advancing through a game.  


This goes hand in hand with frustration above.  If things weren’t a challenge, then they wouldn’t be satisfying.  Everyone wants to feel like they’ve accomplished something and mobile games are no different.  Whether it’s solving a puzzle, beating the final level, or winning some money with a gambling app, the sense of accomplishment that people experience from their games is a very real things and a big reason why people love playing mobile gaming apps so much.  

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