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What  Is New with the Drafts

About is a sports websites that you can go to to find anything and everything that you need to know about football. This is a page that gives you updates on fantasy football, NFL prospects, NFL picks, NFL power rankings, the NFL draft, NFL recent rumors, and the NFL season updates . Apart from information about football, will give you information that is up-to-date about the latest NBA news. Apart from being able to go to the website for the latest news in sports and NFL power rankings, Walterfootball also has a podcast that is broadcast weekly. Walterfootball also provides you will playbacks and videos on the website.

The Latest News on Walter football

Recently, Walter football did an article about Drew Lock. Lock is an individual who the NFL is looking at to become a franchise quarterback. Lock has been highly studied by prospectors because he was able to reach a record when it came to his touchdown passes. Drew Lock is an individual who has a kind but quiet personality, and he does not have an initial command when it comes to leadership abilities. When the NFL is looking for a quarterback, it generally wants an individual who has a big personality and who seems to be a forceful and commanding leader. Even though that is not the personality that Drew Lock seems to possess, his stats speak for themselves. Lock is 6 feet three inches tall, and he weighs 220 pounds. Lock was able to complete almost 60% of the passes that he made in 2017, and he only had 13 interceptions out of his 44 touchdowns. Some scouts have said that Lock has a personality that is similar to the personality of Eli Manning. He is a respectable young man who plays hard and gets the ball where it needs to be. At the same time, Lock does not draw attention like most quarterbacks. Lock’s lack of a commanding personality can be something that will end up harming him when it comes to the football draft.

What the NFL Looks For When it Comes to a Leader

When it comes to a quarterback, the NFL wants to find an individual who can make his presence known. This is a person who grabs everyone’s attention when he comes into the room; a quarterback needs to play like a leader. Since a quarterback is an individual who is integral to the team, he needs to have a personality that gains the confidence of the other players; that same personality should inspire fear in the opposing team.

The Negatives and the Positives of Drew Lock

Lock is a player who scouts have found to have a great football IQ. He is a player who is flexible, and he is a fast learner. The plays that Lock learns when he is behind doors are exactly the plays that he is able to carry out in the game. Lock knows how to manipulate the ball, and he works well with the team. Lock also has an extremely strong and fast arm; he is a highly athletic player. Some scouts have said that he has the athletic build and ability of Jay Cutler with a much calmer and kind personality. Even though not all Teams need a leader to be the quarterback, a great number of them do. Since that is the case, the calm and passive personality of Lock may end up hurting him when it comes to the draft. His temperament might make some teams think that he will not be an aggressive leader, and they might choose someone who is able to be more of an attention grabber.

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