What is the Fibonacci betting system and does it work?

If you are the type of person who bets on a soccer game for fun then the Fibonacci system will probably not interest you that much. You will probably be more interested in how to place a casual bet and having a good explanation of the laws so that you know where you stand with placing a World Cup soccer bet online.

Understanding the laws is important if you want your bet to be legal and you want to be able to obtain any winnings you are lucky enough to accrue. However, once you have researched the laws you also want to give yourself the best chance of achieving a win and there are people who say they make money from the Fibonacci system and the multilotto lottery results.

We are going to take a look at this progressive betting system. We are also going to see why the theory is often better than the reality. First we thought it might be useful to explain the Fibonacci sequence on which the system is based.

What is the Fibonacci sequence?

If you enjoy mathematics then you probably already know about the Fibonacci sequence which has the mathematical formula N3 = N1 + N2. This means that after the initial two numbers in the sequence each additional number is the sum of the previous two. You may be wondering what this has to do with betting on a soccer game. This is actually the basis on which the Fibonacci betting strategy is based.

How does the Fibonacci betting strategy work?

The Fibonacci is a progressive betting strategy in which you bet on a match to be drawn where the probability of the draw is above 2.618.  If you lose the first bet then you place a further bet on the next draw and you raise your stake in line with the Fibonacci sequence. The theory is that your eventual wins will cover your losses. If you look at the Fibonacci system over a series of games then it appears to work. For instance over the 380 games in the English Premier League during the 2011/2012 season you would have achieved an eventual profit of £1786.70 based on an initial £1 stake. Unfortunately the Fibonacci system is not as clear cut as that.

Problems with the Fibonacci system

One big problem with the Fibonacci system is that many soccer games are played at the same time so you do not get the chance to place another bet immediately because you do not know the result of your previous bet.

You can choose to bet on the results of a specific team but if they go a few matches without a draw you can end up having to place a bet of thousands of pounds just in the hope of breaking even. Do not forget that as soon as you cannot afford to place the next bet you then have to face dealing with potentially large losses that you cannot claw back.

If you bet on soccer in a small way for fun then the Fibonacci system is not for you. The system can require you to invest large amounts of money just to end up in a winning position. Unless you have large amounts of money to use in this way you will probably not be utilising the Fibonacci system.

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