What Is The Progressive Sports Betting System?

Sports betting is similar with many other gambling opportunities available, although some may want to tell you something else. The truth is that in sports betting you need to be sure that you follow a system in order to be successful. A failure to do that means that you will end up losing a lot of money due to various different reasons, including the fact that your money will not be properly managed.

Defining Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is not new in the gambling industry. It practically means that you set a specific amount that will be used for every single bet. The amount is determined based on the bankroll size. As the profit grows, you end up with higher betting amounts for the units that are used. This per unit strategy basically appeared in casinos first (you can put it to good use when you play European roulette) but in sports betting it is also really popular.

What Should You Know About Progressive Sports Betting?

The vital aspect about this betting strategy is discipline. It is not at all easy to stick to the per unit style when looking at sports. It is so attractive to bet more when you are faced with a bet that has a higher possibility of success.

For instance, let us say that you look at the 2017 NFL picks that are popular at the moment. You find one that is almost a sure thing. In this case you are tempted to bet more. If you lose the bet, your bankroll is going to be negatively affected since you would lose more units. In most cases a bankroll is divided into around 100 units, which would allow 100 bets. If you bet 20 units and you lose them, it will be more difficult to succeed on the long run as a bettor.

Your Betting Experience

This is something that will always have a really high impact on your progressive betting strategy. The more advanced bettors will even use around 5% of the bankroll when placing one bet. Those that are not advanced should stick to setting the unit of the bet at around 2% of the bankroll.

It is possible that you have been using other betting strategies in the past for sports bets. Starting to use a progressive system does not mean that the old strategies are not going to be used. It is actually a really good idea to combine various strategies because this will increase the possibility of success.

Keeping Records

No matter what experience you have at the moment, remember that betting is about stats and analysis. This means that you will always have to keep as many records as possible about the bets you made in the past. That will help you to identify the success that you had, the failures that appeared, what worked and what did not work. Always be sure that you understand why you lost and you do not make the mistake of chasing. Chasing basically means that after loses you do not use the betting strategy anymore. Always focus on per unit bets as this helps you to be successful.

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