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Which NCCA Players Will be Lucky Stars?

Brackets out, boys and girls. March Madness is rushing towards us at an unruly speed, and it’s time to start thinking about the teams you’ll be wanting to put your money on.

The regular season has been sparking debate and ruffling feathers nationwide, with the 78th edition of March Madness the toughest to predict for some time.

The Duke Blue Devils have been surprisingly shaky, the Kentucky Wildcats’ three-point game is limited to say the least, and usual favorites UCLA Bruins are trailing in the Pac-12 Standings. Three of the biggest teams in the tournament’s history are beatable this year, giving the likes of Oregon, Kansas, North Carolina, and even Syracuse a shot at taking home the NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament title (if they’re granted a place in the comp by the committee).

It’s a tough tournament to call, but if you’re still looking to throw money behind some teams regardless, you might want to turn your attention towards this vibrant infographic. CoolCat casino have created this handy infographics which is packed to the rafters with information on the “luckiest” sides for March Madness 2017. The online casino has done plenty of number crunching and extracted ideology from the Chinese Zodiac to come up with a list of the sides and players whom fortune is favoring.


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