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Who are the sponsors of the UK Premier League Club Watford FC?

A team in the UK Premier League cannot have a label of incompetency anywhere near it, whether it comes to the devotion of the players to the sport, the devotion of the managers towards the playing conditions or, very importantly, the devotion of the sponsors to fund every project. Like any other major sporting club, Watford FC is funded by a few quite generous sponsors annually that keep everything on stake on every match the team members step out to play.

The main sponsors of Watford F.C, in order of the best compliance and coordination with the club, are identified below.

  1. FxPro

Watford FC and FxPro have always been committed to the same sets of value of honesty, transparency, and passion over payment. It has been the pioneer in terms of sponsoring the club and every year the managing authorities of the two figures meet to discuss activities and projects to build more trust in each other at the grass root level.

FxPro is an active provide of updates about the forex market that can be found on, and thousands of brokers buy sell currencies, commodity, CFDs and shares and receive dividends everyday through this organize.


This brand is a market leader in terms of online gaming and has been associated with the Hornets family as far as anyone can remember. In March, 2017, when decided to pull up as an official sponsor of Watford FC, the fans were in sheer delight because now they could enjoy the unquestionably great services of the website exclusively and can also expect more post match giveaways, online competitions and other interactive approaches that are bound to increase the fan base.

  1. S1

One of the leading producers of online team management simulations, S1 gained a lot of popularity when it released its football manager series. The amount of contacts and recognition that the firm has in the world of online gaming on platforms as massive as SEGA certainly gives Watford FC not only a grand sum of money on multiple occasions, but the kind of fame they need to reach the heart of many new fans.

  1. SA Law

The legally protected sponsorship offered by SA Law ever since the club came contact with it in 2009 has certainly left no doubt that it is one of the best firms in terms of the legality of matters relating to sports. SA Law has been the face of individuals and businesses in many cases which could have levied a considerable amount of damage on the figures of authority, and the success rate it boasts makes it a proud sponsor of Watford FC.

  1. Eurotech Services

This firm was established back in 1984 and has been one of the market leaders in terms of IT support and maintenance. The specialization of workers has granted Eurotech great reverence in the market, and Watford FC is indeed proud to host it as one of its earliest and most devoted sponsors.

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