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Why is NBA Star Stephen Curry Logging Off Social Media?

If you are one of the many fans that follows Stephen Curry on social media you have no doubt noticed that this Golden State Warriors superstar has allowed his posts to slow down to a mere trickle during the postseason period. We uncover why.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

The NBA Finals 2014’s Most Valuable Player has reportedly informed ESPN that he has gone so far as to remove each and every one of the applications related to social media from his smartphone for the duration of the playoffs, which had his team opening with a 121 – 109 win against Portland Sunday last.

Curry is reported to have said that this social media shutdown is as a result of his desire to avoid distractions, and place his total focus on the task at hand, namely winning a National Basketball Championship. He has 2 visits to the NBA finals under his belt, so it is not surprising that he is following this method again this season –it’s worked, and well, up until now.

But, although Curry may well be said to be “locked in” for the postseason period, this lockdown is not complete. He does still send out a Tweet every now and again, like the one he authored on Wednesday last, just before the 2nd game, which saw his team grab another win against Portland, one in which betting websites both made money and lost it, as per punters’ gut feels.

Curry Keeping the Reins In

The former Davidson superstar has said that this last Tweet was sent in a way which allowed him to avoid what he needed to. This is in keeping with a habit he has formed in the last 2 years, which allows him to remain removed from the vagaries of social media during the NBA’s postseason period.

Despite how successful his team has been, this kind of abstention strikes some people as strange. Particularly because Curry is a magnate of sorts in budding tech. He has even been part of founding a social network media known as Slyce, with Davidson former-teammate Bryant Barr. This networking site was set forth as a way to make it easier for athletes to communicate directly with their fans.

Curry No Newbie to Tech

Curry is also known as a partner/investor in other tech-related companies, although this comes as no surprise when one considers the fact that he is located in the Bay area, very near the Silicon Valley high-tech hub.

Curry was not moved to abstain from Tweeting, Facebook, Instagram and the other varieties of social networking by LeBron James, incidentally, who is famous for removing himself entirely during the playoff period.

Before his final “locked in” Tweet, Stephen Curry’s last message was an image featuring himself and his wife, in a message promoting the charity Nothing but Nets, which works to raise money to make mosquito tents available in Africa in order to halt the spread of malaria.

But, since just a couple of hours before the 3rd game on Saturday, Stephen Curry’s Instagram and Twitter feeds remain silent, and fans are left to make what they can of the various other portals by which information on the star remains available to them.

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