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Why Sports Celebrities Love Casino Games

Winning is a trait for players and gambling gives ample opportunity to anyone to emerge as a champion. Sports celebrities who love their respective games have the zeal that drives them towards playing hedonistically to combat the opponent and hold high spirits even on occasions of losing a game. Many prominent sports personalities who play snooker, cricket, tennis or even football take immense interest in gambling and indeed some of them have promoted the art of gambling too.

With the mushrooming of online casinos that offer a host of engaging games and attractive promotions and rewards, some online casino games have emerged as more popular among the sports fraternity who love to spin their fortune wheels to bag big wins. To name a few sportsmen like Shane Warne, Michael Jordan, Wayne Rooney, Skinny, Tiger Woods have often been spotted betting on the classic Roulette, Blackjack and Poker tables.  

Reasons behind dripping cash buckets at online casinos

  • Availability of fluid cash: Well, it’s not unknown that sports celebs can wager high at the casinos and thus bet a higher stake is not alone for fun but also a matter of esteem for many in that genre.
  • A de-stressing zone: After a long day at the playground, an evening at the casino is often perceived as a wonderful way to unwind by sportspersons. Sometimes performance pressure and tension of dedicated sports are so high that indulgence in light-hearted gambling works as a healer.
  • Spinning for fun: Not that the sportsmen and women who bet high stakes on the tables and online casinos do so as professionals. Just that their size of bets often reaps huge rewards to make headlines.
  • Excitement Factor: Most sports celebs play the blackjack, roulette and poker as these chance based games give the feeling of rush and offer the ultimate excitement of any possibility. In fact, the feeling of standing with a cheering crowd, whether real or virtual is as thrilling for a celeb as to a common man and this beckons them to reel in the casino culture.

Today, with the popularity and the plethora of gaming options available on online casino platform, every other casino enthusiast finds it equally convenient to play from their preferred zone of comfort. For instance, many sports personnel have endorsed gambling websites, and you may find quite a few of them uploading their wagered status on social media.

Spinzwin Casino is one such recognised and licensed online casino UK that won accolades in 2017 as the “Best Online Casino”. Several industries and sports veterans enjoy the online slots, Roulette and Blackjack available on this site. Whether it is the classic game, or the latest slots created by the top-rated gaming software developers, Spinzwin Casino has much in store for all casino and mobile gaming enthusiasts. If you wish to play a game that your favourite sports star enjoys at the casino, you can visit the site and start instantly playing. The best part is that you do not have to bet a fortune to win one of them. You can start with the free demo and gradually progress to playing with actual money to bag the mega jackpots.


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