Why Sports Figures Should Look Into Divorce Mediation

Why Sports Figures Should Look Into Divorce Mediation

Why Sports Figures Should Look Into Divorce Mediation

Life is good when you are a sports figure in the public eye- at least that’s how it may seem to your fans. Those who look up to you probably assume that your life is better than theirs, completely free from any of the worries and problems they go through every day. Of course, that is not always the truth: there are times in your life when you, like your fans, have to cope with stress, crisis and tragedy on a personal level. Unlike your fans, however, when when the time comes for you to have to deal with personal matters, such as a divorce, the whole world is watching. In addition to the standard amount of pressure that you are already facing at difficult times in your life, you also must also deal with commentary and criticism from your fans, critics and rivals. In order to avoid the stress and potential drama of a very public divorce, you may want to look into divorce mediation as an alternative to traditional courtroom litigation.

Generally speaking, divorce mediation is much more low-key than a traditional courtroom divorce. Prominent sports figures looking to avoid being in the public eye can find this particularly helpful, and can benefit greatly from keeping their divorce out of the media fishbowl. The drama surrounding a contentious courtroom divorce battle can create some great tabloid headlines, but it certainly doesn’t feel that good for the two people who are actually living through it. Well-known athletes may find divorce mediation to be somewhat more comforting than a drawn-out courtroom battle when faced with the prospect of a highly public end to their marriage.

If you and your soon-to-be former spouse have children, divorce mediation can be particularly helpful for keeping them out of the public eye. As Chris Griffith of Chicago divorce mediation service SplitSimple points out, dealing with your parents’ divorce can be traumatic enough for children. Adding in the additional pressure and scrutiny of being the child of a sports star can cause more damage than necessary in the long run. By choosing divorce mediation over a courtroom process, sports stars and their families can avoid being bothered by the media while they are finalizing their divorce settlement, which can lead to a more positive outcome for everyone involved.

Everyone knows that prominent athletes are paid pretty well for their efforts on the playing field. Because of this, it is especially essential that both parties are able to arrive at a fair divorce settlement. A former spouse of a wealthy and famous athlete should be able to more than adequately provide for herself or himself, as well as any children who are involved. On the other hand, you don’t want a vindictive ex-spouse to “take you to the cleaners” simply because of your earning power. Seeking the help of an experienced divorce mediator who can assist you both with reaching an agreement that is peaceable, equitable, and beneficial to everyone involved is in both of your best interests. Choosing divorce mediation can help a professional athlete rest assured that his or her assets will be protected, while also ensuring a good future for his or her children.

Sports figures and their spouses who wish to avoid bringing too much public attention to their verypersonal and private matters may find divorce mediation to be a good alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. Not only does  divorce mediation give professional athletes the level of anonymity and privacy they require at this very emotional time, but it also ensures that a mutually beneficial divorce settlement can still be reached. Nobody enters a marriage hoping to someday go through a divorce; choosing divorce mediation can help make a bad time better for prominent sports figures and their families.

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