Why The Sports Industry Openly Accepts Marijuana Use

Why The Sports Industry Openly Accepts Marijuana Use

Why The Sports Industry Openly Accepts Marijuana Use

Cannabis has a long history in sports. The cannabis culture is openly accepted among athletes even though marijuana is on the list of banned substances (thanks to its legalization). Moreover, cannabis is no longer seen as an intoxicating substance; however many sportsmen call it a “Naturally Engineered Sports Supplement.”

We live in a unique time because no one recommends or condemns marijuana in the Sports Industry. To understand the situation, we researched the medical advantages of cannabis that attracts athletes.

Weed has several health benefits. These benefits help athletes perform better, and (maybe) this is why the sports industry openly accepts marijuana use. Following, we will share these benefits and let you decide whether this culture facilitate or destroy athletes.  

Improves Focus

Taking medical marijuana improves your focus. You pay less attention to what’s going on around you, and this enhances your performance. It helps your mind and body get into the “work zone” quicker and improves results.

Boosts Metabolism

Cannabis helps you stay in shape. It boosts your performance by speeding your metabolism. Marijuana consumption drops your cholesterol level and increases your heart rate by 20-50%. These changes help achieve peak performance fast.

Relieves Pain

Intense physical activity leaves your body sore and inflamed. This forces athletes to use pain-killers. Unfortunately, these medications have severe side effects like deteriorating vital organs including the kidneys and liver.

Weed has no such side effects, and athletes switch to the safe alternative. Marijuana is known to help with pain management, anxiety, and insomnia. These effects are enhanced in CBD Oil and make the oil a better alternative without the intoxicating effects.  

Fights Anxiety

Marijuana is the only drug that needs sportsmen to take a yearly drug test. There is no drug test for alcohol and other drugs. It’s because no other drug has medical benefits of cannabis.

Marijuana relieves stress and anxiety. Even though physical activity busts stress, it releases Cortisol (Stress Hormone). Intense exercise for a long time can release high amounts of cortisol in the bloodstream which leads to mental distress.  Cannabis disrupts the secretion of cortisol and lowers its concentration in blood. This disruption alleviates your mood and makes you feel better.

It’s a combined focusing agent that helps everyone in the sports industry to relieve their stress. The drug tests are only for athletes, not for management or anyone else. No one else is tested even though it’s an open secret that smoking pot is common at the executive level.

Alleviates Inflammation

Inflammation is a cardinal sign which starts the healing process. Inflammation hinders an athlete’s ability to perform. Athletes are prone to injuries as their joints, muscles, and ligaments are always swollen or inflamed.

Marijuana has natural anti-inflammation properties that relieve pain and swelling. Marijuana speeds up the healing process and helps you perform better. Prolonged physical activity can tire your body cells. Cannabis is rich in antioxidants.

The antioxidants refresh worn out cells and help to fight against free radicals. This defense prevents any long-term damage. Moreover, it makes your skin glow, improves performance and gives a better sense of wellbeing.