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Will Major League Baseball Expand?

It looks likely that Major League Baseball is going to expand to a total of 32 teams, realign according to geographical restrictions, and remove six games from the season.

It Used to Be Just Two Leagues of Eight Teams Each

Up until the first expansion occurred in 1969, baseball had two leagues, made of eight teams each. The season came to an end and then the World Series began two days later. There were no wild cards, no division or league series –the season came to a close, and, before you knew it, the first game of the World Series was underway. But just like sports betting has grown, so too has baseball, and this is clearly evident today.

Concerns about the Demands of Travel

The most recent, and most radical, realignment seems to be rooted in growing concerns about the demands of travel, both from perspective of the players themselves and the teams footing the bill. The proposed changes would address the question of off days as well, and the lack thereof as things currently stand.

Reports on a Proposal

With punters who enjoy baseball wagers thanks to the opportunities online betting in Australia provides agog to see which changes will be put into practice, Tracy Ringolsby, of Baseball America, reports on a proposal concerning this restructuring. According to her account, the geographical reorganisation would split the Major League into four divisions, expand it by two teams, and remove the league’s totally.

One proposal would place the Pirates, for example, in an MLB division where all of the eight teams are located in the Eastern Time Zone. They would join Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh, Washington, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay. New teams in Portland and Montreal would be created, for each of the four divisions to have eight teams.

A Reduction of Season Schedules, Too

Ringolsby’s description further says that the season schedule would be decreased by six games, for a total of 156, but added that any revenue the teams would lose as a result would be tempered by a massive reduction in the costs of travel.

The new schedule would include a total of 24 games against the eight teams in each of the three remaining divisions, for three games against each adversary. It would also include six home games and six played away, for a total of 12, against each one of the seven divisional rivals.

One Off Day Every Week

The proposed format would additionally provide one off day every week, most likely on low-attendance days like Mondays or Thursdays. And, as the current collective bargaining agreement specifies, the season would begin on a weekend, a fact which would offset only one three-game series to be played in the All-Star Game week. The season would also end with all of the games being played at 15h00 Eastern Time, as has been the case for the last while.

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