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Workout Recovery: CBD Products for Pain

Daily workouts and intense involvement in sports can result in daily soreness. Those that are dedicated to exercise and popular games tolerate this as a normal part of life. Some even like to “feel the burn”. There are times, however, that this pain can become stronger due to an especially rigorous day or week. Old injuries often leave athletes with residual pain, as well. Popular pain relief medications can be hard on the stomach and liver when they are taken long-term. CBD items can treat pain after an injury or strenuous workout.

Choosing a Product

CBD products are different from items found in street products. They are carefully grown with no pesticides or chemicals. The part of the plant used to make oils and pills is extracted using a variety of methods. The best way to persevere the integrity the product is to find a dispensary that uses the supercritical fluid extraction (CO2) method. This method does not use any solvents or dangerous gasses. Health enthusiasts often prefer to be careful with any chemicals that enter their body. A CBD tincture can be used for fast results, while a pill form provides more exact dosing.  Take the time to research the origin of your product before committing to a purchase.


THC is one of the most controversial parts of CBD usage. This is the part of the plant that induces the euphoric feeling that many people refer to as a “high”. Many CBD products do not include this ingredient. THC has shown to decrease endurance during physical activities, such as running. It does have its place for treating ailments, however, it may not be the best choice for those with high performance standards. The amount of THC in a product can vary. If you choose to give it a try, there are many items with low THC concentrations. CBD for pain can be effective with or without THC.

How it Helps

Individuals that are dedicated to their workouts know the struggle of soreness, exhaustion, and even nausea. It takes work to reach fitness goals. Sometimes more effort is necessary than others. The overall benefits of a workout routine far outweigh the negative effects. Relief, however, is often desired. CBD products can decrease the inflammation that comes with overworked muscles. This is often enough to take the edge off of the pain. Pain can also make it difficult to sleep. The relaxing effects of CBD items can help you rest better. A low concentration of THC may be preferred for this result, as well.

Workout schedules can be intense, often leaving individuals with residual pain or discomfort. There are varying dosages of CBD pills and oils available to fit individual needs. You can easily adjust the dosing for your specific situation. When you need to get up and go to work, or take care of family, after a rigorous workout this may be an option. There is no time for pain when you have a busy life and need to get ready for the next workout.

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