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Write an essay – how does that work?

Maybe you are there if your child is to write an essay as a homework assignment. The essay does not exist at all. Rather, the essay is divided into various forms described, such as the report or the storyteller. You also have to ask exactly, was actually the task. Otherwise it says quickly: “Subject missed, probably one of the strong remarks, which are under an awkward essay.

Exactly it says about the essay
“An essay is the written treatment of a topic, which sets different formal and linguistic requirements for the writer according to the type of text.”

Writing an essay: telling stories or reporting facts?

Basically, your child needs to write the essay to see if it is an event. A narrative is about the lively and entertaining presentation, possibly also about creative and imaginative ideas. In a description, however, unadulterated facts and accurate information are in the foreground.
The instructions do not work if your child varies them imaginatively. Is the storytelling boring when it shimmers away from an unimaginative event? Which one can do my essay?

The narratives

Adventure story (picture story, holiday narration, reminder)

This is an experience that your child has either experienced or heard of or read about. In school practice this can be a holiday experience.

The reports

Description (person, animal, object)

The personal or factual description appears to have high demands on visual perception and concentration. The more detailed your child can describe, disperse. With the essay children write with a description.

Instructions (recipe, construction manual, operating instructions)

With instructions, your child can not forget, If it is also the baking recipe, the stones are pulled out.

Report (accident, travel, and newspaper)

The report has events for people who did not actively participate in the event. When the police catch a burglary, they are reports.

Practice the essays playfully

It is a long time before children can distinguish the different types of essays and make a good essay. To make this possible, you can incorporate the different text forms into everyday life. From your tag “report”, invent each child from 5 stimulus words of a fantasy story, or practice verbal descriptions of persons, in which the described must be guessed.

2 important tips

Tip 1: The headline has to lure

In any case, the title of a story should appeal to a reader’s (or teacher’s) need, primarily its curiosity. The headline should definitely choose your child so that the reader wants to know what’s being told in the story. The art is to arouse this curiosity in a few terse words, but without betraying the content of the story. If he still manages to bring a certain originality to the headline, the task is perfectly solved.

Write essay Tip 2: The introduction introduces

The introduction is about bringing readers to the main part of the story. It makes sense to first introduce the main characters or to describe the place where the story takes place. So the reader can get an idea of ​​the framework and be provided with all the basic information he needs to understand the next action.





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