Yoga Clothing: how to choose and where to buy

Yoga Clothing: how to choose and where to buy

Yoga Clothing: how to choose and where to buy

Although many teachers and yoga gurus do not attach importance to external aspects, we know that buying yoga clothes is a real ritual. It’s not just that in kundalini yoga, you can see girls in white, and atma Kriya in orange. Maybe it’s not just about color? In the new article, we understand what kind of clothes you can feel comfortable without sacrificing style, and where to find it.

How to choose

The top

If you like tops (both short and long) with “support”, like Nike, then we understand you. Unlike spacious t-shirts, they do not slip in a dog with a muzzle down or in a rack on the head, and throughout the practice keep in a tone. But if you do not like it, when the chest pulls something, and then choose long tight tops without support – they can be found not only in sports stores, but also in underwear stores. They are easy to breathe, work in pranayama, relax in shavasana and meditations, which can’t be said about the pulling sports models, which are still more suitable for running. In general, a good democratic alternative can be a t-shirt unisex, the edge that can always be gently refilled. The main thing that should be avoided is too loose patterns and tissues that do not allow the skin to breathe.

The bottom

The bottom is simpler: it can be anything. Here it is worth considering only the landing – so that the pants do not move after 2-3 asanas, and the elasticity of the fabric – it is important that the material or size does not interfere with making a low lunge or tree pose. For someone, all the parameters correspond to sports pants, for someone mini-shorts, and for someone capris or leggings. You can practice at home in your free pants. By the way, some teachers vote in yoga for a “free” bottom, and some on the contrary – for a tight-fitting, and even bright, so that with an unaided eye one can see how well the asana is built up and how much its anatomical features are worth consider.


Yoga does not involve socks – they slip and do not allow in any poses to grab for the thumb. But if you are shy of your feet or are constantly cold, they will understand you. In addition, all the advanced sports brands have long taken care of silicone velcro fasteners and even created special sneakers for yoga and pilates – wrap shoes. And to feel comfortable at the top, as well as below, stock up on one long-sleeved shirt.

Where to buy

Of course you can buy from a regular store or online store. If you buy online then make sure the online store you want to buy from has a good reputation, usually marked by the number of positive testimony from the buyers. Based on our experience, Ana Heart is one of the best yoga stores.