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Your Guide to Winning Daily Fantasy

By Todd Stretford

September 19th, 2017

The NFL is no longer just a sport enjoyed Americans; more and more people from the UK, Austraila, and across the globe are getting involved and enjoy watching football games. This popularity is bound to rise even more, with international games being played in the UK and Mexico city and the possibility of a London franchise getting established.

Let’s face it folks, the the hype is real. The NFL has never been bigger and now is the perfect time to start learning about all the facets of Daily Fantasy. Unlike regular fantasy football, daily fantasy allows you to choose your players fresh each week. You’re not stuck with the same old poor-performing players for the entire year. The opportunity to win money is real, especially if you use Kevin’s DraftKings Picks. Here’s your guide to NFL daily fantasy – and how to win.

Creating your strategy

You should always begin with the basics, and there’s no better teacher than experience. It’s important to analyze and learn how to read statistics. Keep track of your wins and your losses, and which players are consistently at the top of the leaderboard. Your strategy will need adjustment over time. You have to create your own strategy depending on your expectations and your tolerance to risk.

Home-field advantage

One of the major factors that is taken into account by professionals is the home-field advantage. Some players will simply perform better at home. It’s crucial for you to check the statistics and understand how this matters.


One simple but powerful way of gauging the strength of one player against the other is by measuring the yardage that is often gained or lost. It’s another key indicator of which players will perform the best.

It’s not that hard to get into the NFL. It’s the most popular league in the US for a reason. The sport is gaining popularity around the world by the minute. But like any good game, Daily Fantasy is hard to master. It helps if you take your time and study the mechanisms, especially a few key NFL statistical numbers. Study the game and the odds well, and you’ll find it exciting and fruitful in no time.

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