Should the New York Giants Shut Odell Beckham Down for the Year?

Should the New York Giants Shut Odell Beckham Down for the Year?


Should the New York Giants Shut Odell Beckham Down for the Year?


At this point, why would New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. continue to play? The Giants are finished. There are no playoffs for them, yet again. At this point, losing out would help them more than winning would. Who cares about pride when your team isn’t winning anything significant at this point, right? I mean, let’s be real.

Right now, the Giants are stuck with the same issues as last season. Eli Manning isn’t playing very well. The offensive line is a turnstile for defensive pass rushers, and aside from Saquon Barkley, there’s nothing to be optimistic about right now. Odell Beckham had some flashes this year, but his 1,052 receiving yards along with six touchdowns would be considered a down year by far.

It’s kind of hard to prevent a bad year though when you miss multiple weeks. Beckham has been out due to a quad injury for the last two weeks, and it looks like he will miss Week 16 as well. We all can assume that sitting out is far from ideal for the veteran wideout because at this point, is it even worth trying to make a comeback for one final week?

The Giants Need to Just Shut Him Down…

Why would Beckham come back? Just shut it down, and prepare for next year. Again, the Giants aren’t winning. It’s over. Why risk any further injury for nothing? Beckham has everything that he needs outside of a better quarterback to throw him the ball. Beckham got paid in the offseason, so he’s not playing for a contract. And if Odell is out on the field for Eli, he wouldn’t be doing himself any favors.

Beckham needs a new quarterback and making Eli look better than he is sometimes will not convince the Giants that Manning no longer has it. It’s crazy to think that the Giants may still see Manning as the starter for the next couple of years, but you never honestly know. But at this point, Beckham should just do himself a favor and get fully healthy. There’s no need to come back.

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