Bowl Pick’em Challenge

Did you know the first three games of bowl season are on Saturday?  Neither did I, or else I would have done this sooner.  So that doesn’t leave you with much time to procrastinate instead of signing up for the group I’ve created.  Same rules as before, confidence points, winners, no spread, blah, blah, blah.  If you have any questions, read the instructions on Yahoo!’s website.  If you still have questions, email me and I’ll direct you back to Yahoo!’s website.

Past winners have received such lofty gifts of a PDF of the NCAA charges against Ohio State, and a PDF of Ole Miss football stats from the late ’90s.  This year, I’m sure the winner’s prize will be even more glorious than either of those.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, so pass the information below along if you feel motivated to do so. Also, I don’t believe you have to have all of your picks in by Saturday’s games, but you certainly need to have Saturday’s done.

Belly of the Beast Pick’em
Group ID#:  29685
Password:  seagal

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