Brandon Marshall Signed by the Gmen

<![CDATA[The NY Giants signed Brandon Marshall to a 2 year $12M contract.


This deal is excellent for the Giants. Let’s go through the reasons why.

  1. The price was very sane. The Giants got a productive player at the right price.
  2. The deal is short for an older player.
  3. Brandon Marshall is a true X WR. The Giants did NOT have an X last season.
  4. Both Brandon Marshall and OBJ will cash in on single coverage. Along with Shepard, it is a Defensive Coordinator’s nightmare.
  5. 6’4″ is great for Eli.
  6. The Giants are telling us they are ALL-IN. Win it all in 2017.

UltimateNYG Analyst Wonder: “They got Marshall relatively cheap. Both Marshall and OBJ can put up 1500 yards a piece. They have a lot of upside here. Give Marshall 10-12 yards from the sideline. A quick slant, he boxes out the CB and it is an easy matchup. If OBJ is in the right slot, I do not know what the Defense is supposed to do. If your Defense brings up help on Marshall on Beckham, Shepard is in single coverage deep. I do not know how you defend this. 4 CBs plus Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor would be needed to defend against this Offense.”

Wonder continues. “The JPP signing is stupid. Every last dollar should be going into the OL now. They need 2 OLmen. Now. Mortgage the future for 2017. This Offense can score 30 points.  Pass protect. Blocking TE. Perkins out of the backfield. Between Shepard, Marshall, OBJ and Perkins out of the backfield, Eli can throw for 5000 yards IF THEY HAVE AN OL. They have a real chance at greatness, but you can’t waste your money on JPP. If they actually are able to sign JPP to a 2017-cap-friendly salary, that would be the only way it can possibly work. McAdoo better get off his a** and have the guts to run an Offense that is not Northeast run and grind. He needs to put OBJ in the slot 60% of the time. If Edelman can get 100 balls a season in the slot, only God knows how prolific OBJ will be. This is where scheme is so critical. They have a chance to do something very special, particularly if Shepard can develop just a little bit.”

“No CB or S wants to look bad getting beat over the top. So Brandon Marshall is going to kill them underneath. Also, the LBer is going to backpedal, which means all of your split draws in a spread offense will enable Perkins to have plenty of room to run. This assumes that your OL can run block, which the Giants OL has not demonstrated they can do. Do not forget that Marshall is a huge physical $%^^&*# who is willing to block, and that gives you an enormous advantage.”

Does McAdoo have the b*lls to run an offense the way the Patriots run an offense? They play small ball with a lot of short passing and then Hogan gets over the top. You need to be able to run the ball on 3rd or 4th & 1. Pass the ball 40X per game. You have to put the ball in the best players’ hands. In the Giants case, the best is OBJ. OBJ is a danger to score every time he touches the ball. Particularly when you spread the field. When the slot CB makes one mistake, OBJ is off to the races. With any OL, this Offense should be in the top 3 in the NFL.

I am not worried about Marshall in the locker room. Early in his career he was a big headcase but it was a medical diagnosis.  I think his heart is in the right place, as he genuinely wants to win. This will be the best (most professional) franchise he has been with (except Denver, which again was medical). The short contract also keeps it simple for him. His focus will be fine, especially in 2017.

Marshall’s age (33) is not an issue. He was very capable for the Jets last season. Once again, it is a short deal.

We said it was a reasonable price. And this corroborates that: “They definitely didn’t offer me the most money,” Marshall said on a conference call. “It probably was the least money. It was all about championships, to get straight to the point. They presented the best opportunity to be in a championship organization.”

Monetarily, the reason why you need to win now in 2017 is because Eli isn’t getting any younger and because OBJ is still on his cheap rookie contract. That cheap rookie contract is a major strategic advantage the Giants have over the rest of the NFL. It has to be leveraged right now, before the Giants (likely) try to re-sign him.

Dallas is going to be better this season. You can’t be thinking 10 wins or 11 wins. The Giants need 13 wins to take the Division. They can do that! But they need a couple of OLmen right now. OL cohesiveness. The Defense is knocking on the door of being elite. They were excellent WITHOUT JPP. The Offense can be amongst the best in the NFL. All-In. Now. 2017. Screw the cap in 2018. Redo Eli’s contract to free up money for 2017 for OL. Do not spend 17M on JPP in 2017, because that stops you from getting an OL this season. One road grader. One Pass protector.

Sign Zeitler. Zeitler as a Left Guard will help out Flowers on the inside. Or Leary. Or Warford. Or a banged up Okung (you could do worse). Fluker was released, because SD did not want to pay the money/5th year. Absolute road grader. 2nd tier G Jermon Bushrod as a stop gap for 1 year 3-4M. If medical is ok, Matt Kalil is an absolute steal. Surgery was needed to repair a torn labrum in his hip. So the medical needs to be answered before considering that.


Give Cleveland a 2nd and a 3rd rounder to get LT Joe Thomas. He is 32. He is worthless to the Browns now because they will not win with him.

Brandon Marshall transforms your offense. They just need help at Offensive Line. WIN NOW. All-In.]]>

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