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20 Jun 18

There’s a hoary old sports gambling adage to “never bet the ice,” an allusion to the vagaries of ice hockey and its unpredictable nature. (…)

19 Jun 18

I loathe when soccer is explained with American football analogies.  But I just can’t help thinking about Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku in (…)

17 Jun 18

In the 1920s, the English coach Herbert Chapman had a revelation: too much attacking football can be bad for a team.  By continuously (…)

15 Jun 18

Almost unbearable tension between billion dollar Spain and almost billion dollar Portugal.  If you watched the game and were bored, (…)

14 Jun 18

Consider yourself spoiled by Russia’s 5/6th of a touchdown.  I won’t do the research but it’s more than likely a record for team goals in (…)

20 May 18

When our draft analyst, Wonder, comments on offseason free agents or college prospects, the most dreaded review you want to hear from him (…)

06 May 18

It is always important to read the stories of what actually took place behind the scenes to fully understand the Draft. The picks are done, (…)