Hernandez and Carter Drafted by the NY Giants

Will Hernandez, Guard, UTEP

After drafting Saquon Barkley at 1.02, the Giants had too many toys and not enough OL to make it work. There was not enough support from the Offensive Line to tap the power of OBJ, Engram, Shepard and Barkley. Gettleman’s moves to bring in Solder and Omameh were patch jobs. Solder is on the downside of his career. With Round 1 nearing the end, edging closer to 2.34, and Guard Will Hernandez still on the board, we began to dream. Could it be possible for Hernandez to keep falling? Could the Giants be smart enough to do simple arithmetic and see the talent and need of Hernandez? The answer to both questions was YES! At 2.34 the GMen took UTEP Guard Will Hernandez (pictured). SLAM DUNK. This pick is everything.
We wanted Hernandez (in R2) before Barkley was selected. After Barkley was taken, we likened the elite RB to a Ferrari who was being asked to drive on a dirt road. Enter Hernandez, the road grader delivering the asphalt.
It’s a match made in football heaven. There are so many Barkley nuts out there who are clueless to the good fortune their RB God just received. But Giants fans en masse figured out Hernandez a while ago. So did Brian Baldinger, Gil Brandt, Geoff Schwartz, Shaun O’Hara and a bevy of analysts. One of those analysts, our own Wonder, was ecstatic. When asked to compare CLE 2.33 G Austin Corbett to the Giants Guard taken one spot later, he was blunt: “Corbett may be out of the NFL in 3 years. Hernandez will be living in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl.”
We cannot overstate the dimension of this pick of Hernandez. He changes the Offense. The OL has an aggressor for the first time since Chris Snee. His presence and play will leverage Barkley and help the passing game as well. “Insane value at 2.34,” said Wonder.
The value continued at 66. The Giants selected OLB Lorenzo Carter from Georgia. He was ranked as one of three honorable mention players just outside the Top 50. “Don’t be sleeping on Carter, Giants fans,” exclaimed Wonder. “He is a great pick and will be joined together with Hernandez as part of an historic evening.”
More on Carter’s eval: Does everything. Football player. Fast. Athlete. Can rush the passer. Can tackle. Can play anywhere. Tough player on a tough Georgia defense. Has a motor. Bigger than Derrick Brooks. Compares to a poor man’s Clay Matthews. As long as the Giants coaches don’t mess it up this summer, he will be starting in Week 1. Ceiling is at or just below Pro Bowl. Very good floor. Just great value at 66.
Wonder waxed poetic. Many years ago a Round 3 LBer from Georgia hit the NFL and made his mark. Lorenzo Carter will follow in Mo Lewis’s footsteps, delivering for the Giants the way Lewis anchored the Jets. Lewis is a little thicker and Carter is a little faster. To even be mentioned in the same sentence as Mo Lewis is flattering for any LBer selection.
Pick 69 was a non-event. DT B.J. Hill is an uninspiring prospect for our analyst. Okay player. Never looked in good shape. Overpowered weaker players, got away with just being bigger. That didn’t work for my grading. Needs cardio and weight room to become serviceable.
Hernandez has made the Giants 2018 draft. The Giants literally ran to the podium to submit their pick just to make sure the Browns didn’t have any time to think about changing theirs.
Carter’s selection adds to what our analyst believes will now be 3 starters in Week 1. That’s a haul.

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