Change of Venue

Everything is so bright and shiny over here.  AND NEW. 

By reading this, and assuming you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably arrived at the conclusion that The Belly of the Beast has made a move to a new location.  If that’s you, give yourself $20 for your ability to reason deductively.  If that’s not you, you’re either new or you typed in the wrong website.  But, since I’m such a nice guy, go ahead and give yourself $20 just for stopping by.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the good folks at Bloguin if I was interested in coming into their fold.  After about 2.4 seconds of thought, I lit a torch and set the old place at Blogspot on fire.  Unfortunately, I was still in there, so it got a little hairy trying to get out.  But, after avoiding a close self-inflicted disaster, I went about making the transition to this place.

Right now, very little is organized (not that should surprise any regular readers), but after a few weeks of solid American procrastination, I’ll figure some of it out and get this place down to a hearty 20% body fat.  Until then, feel free to explore the space, and if you figure anything out, or have suggestions of any kind (refrain from telling me to suck it; that is assumed), be sure to let me know.

Finally, I can’t thank everyone at Bloguin who set me up here enough.  Having the opportunity to write general nonsense for a bigger audience is very exciting, and one that I will do my best not to screw up, but make no promises.

Edited to add:  Commenting should be functional soon, and the content from the old site should be up soon-ish or whenever it gets up.

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