Confirmation That Houston Nutt’s Email Password Is “Password”

I'm sure most Ole Miss fans are aware of this by now, but if you missed it yesterday, one of the guys at the Red Cup Rebellion site posted the highly complex and secretive process by which Ole Miss signals offensive plays in from the sideline.  How he cracked the code can be attributed to attention to detail, a knack for code-breaking, and, most importantly, knowing the names of the players who might get the ball.

Seriously, that's all it took.  Knowing the names of our players who might touch the ball, then connecting those names to the initials featured on the cards/boards on the sideline.  My little league baseball team had a more complicated way of communicating than that, and we were 11 and 12. EVEN THE CORNER KIDS IN THE WIRE WERE TAUGHT A MORE DISCREET WAY OF PASSING INFORMATION.

So either the offensive coaches don't know any better or assume our stuff will work even if the other team knows what's coming, in which case they are morons, or our offensive players are can't remember any anything unless it has their name in it (WHAT THE HELL, PUBLIC SCHOOLS?).  It's probably some combination of both, but GREAT ODIN'S RAVEN, this season cannot end fast enough and coaching search hysteria cannot get hysterical enough right now.

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