DET 24 NYG 10

If you want to see what underachievement looks like, watch this football game. 

Ben McAdoo is failing as a Head Coach. This is not Ray Handley. But it is coming close. Anything in the Handley zip code is bad. 

How is McAdoo failing? His playcalling is atrocious. He is clueless. After 9 months of lack of adjustments in response to an incompetent OL, he finally goes to small ball West Coast Offense and it works! The Giants get their only TD of the 2017 season. AND THEN THE WCO disappears as soon as it appeared. 

Hello???? McFly???? Hello!!

That lone TD drive was (essentially) started with a FREAKING SLANT. Eli got rid of the ball. The drive used everything we discussed in the past two blog posts. And then it vanished.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The Giants OL can’t pass protect to save Eli’s life. Yet there is McAdoo again calling slow developing pass plays. Steve Young at halftime accurately explained that Eli can’t pat the ball…. meaning the playcalling must be short passes to provide cover to a woeful OL. That’s called scheming to your roster’s (strengths and) weaknesses. 


Right about now, Giants fans.

The underachievement is palpable. This story is so far past Flowers’s poor play. That we are watching Flowers seemingly routinely blowup his team while McAdoo does nothing about it is unconscionable. This is how you lose the team. Handley didn’t have the respect of the players. McAdoo will lose the respect of his players by not helping Flowers and/or by not benching Flowers. 

Delay of game at the 1 yd line. 

Grabbing the crotch during a TD celebration.

Drop of a ball right in the hands of Marshall.

Seemingly endless amounts of irresponsible lack of pocket contain in the pass rush.

12 men on the field.

Kickoff out of bounds. 

Eli holding the ball for 2 seconds too long. 

Terrible woeful tackling all game, punctuated by a special teams punt return for a TD.

Bad football. Undisciplined. Sloppy. Mismanaged resources. The Giants have scored 13 points in 2 games. They are 0-2. While you can argue they are their record, the underachievement is what is noteworthy. There are bad teams that deserve to be 0-2 because they don’t have players. The Giants have plenty of players who are being completely mismanaged. Marshall is wasted. Eli has no rhythm. The OL has no confidence. The Defense is now seeing freelancing via reckless passrushing w/o regard for contain. The D is not getting support and they are ditching. 

I don’t want to hear about Jenkins and Goodson not playing. The Giants deserved to lose but they also had the ability to win. When a team fails to play up to its ability, that’s underachievement. If McAdoo does not adapt to what his team is, they will continue to underachieve and they will continue to lose. 

Addition to post: Just woke up after posting this last night. Ben McAdoo: “Put this one on me.” Just this one? We did that, and more. Look in the mirror a little more. How many good Coordinators are unsuccessful at Head Coach? This is what he has sown: 14 10 17 19 19 13 3 and 10 points in the last eight outings. McFly? McAdoo?

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