Feel The Rage Coursing Through Mark Richt’s Veins

At a press conference earlier this week, a reporter, who clearly had somewhere else to be in like 15 minutes, asked Mark Richt, “To get this business out of the way, any suspensions that we need to know about?  Are there any injuries?”  Richt, not caring about the reporter’s tight schedule, launched into the dressing down of dressing downs:


As you can see, he really, oh, ah, wait.  No, never mind.  Was that a smile/smirk at the end?  How could he remain so pleasant and likeable while voicing his displeasure?  Is it possible that he could ever become flapped?  AND WHAT WAS ON THAT PIECE OF PAPER HE HAD ROLLED UP IN HIS HAND?

Let this be a lesson to all you future coaches out there.  Despite all the videos of coaches blowing a gasket at press conferences for one reason or another, Mark Richt has proven that it is possible to express rage through soft talk and a comforting smile.

Stolen from here and here.

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