Houston Nutt Dusts Off The Resume

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Informed just over a week ago that he would not be returning as head coach of Ole Miss in 2012, Houston Nutt faces employment uncertainty for the first time in many years.  Though, thanks to the excellent negotiating skills of the outgoing Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone, Nutt will not actually have to worry about an steady income, as he is owed $6 million by Ole Miss over the next few years.

However, once a coach, always a coach, which sounds like something Nutt has probably said before, and one can assume Nutt will be looking to stay in the coaching game.  While he may not find a place in 2012, probably due to a need for a break, the odds of him finding a coaching job somewhere in 2013 are pretty good.  In order to stay fresh in athletic director’s minds, Nutt has directed his agent Jimmy Sexton to put out feelers and get a resume in as many hands as possible.

Using my computer hacking skills, which fall somewhere below Keanu Reeves’ from The Matrix and somewhere above the nerdy kid’s from Iron Eagle (only because that computer is old and sucks), I’ve tapped into Houston Nutt’s 1997 Compaq Presario desktop, with giant block monitor that weighs as much as four second graders, and found his resume, presented to you here without edits.

If your eyes are betraying you, right-click for enormosize

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