In Blezow We Trust

You cannot make this stuff up. Barber calls out the coaching staff before Jax. Coughlin berates Kiwanuka on the sidelines. Coughlin calls out Manning. Strahan calls out Burress. Media calls out Strahan. Strahan calls out Naqi. Naqi calls out …Warhol for her 15 minutes.

Will the underdog Gmen prevail on Sunday? I am not optimistic. The Giants are angry at the world, and they need a win badly. Interestingly, a win and they are in first place in the division…! So everyone knows there is plenty at stake. They have been their own worst enemy the past 3 weeks, so the theory goes that if they play to their potential, why not beat Dallas at home?

I am suspect of two things that stand in the way of a Giants victory: Manning and the secondary. In the markets it is called not picking bottoms. I do not know where the bottom is for Manning and I am not about to call the turn this week when I have not seen the weakest link play 4 quarters of football ALL YEAR. And our hobbled secondary will face Romo, who is playing better than Grossman, Garrard and Young combined. The Giants may get off to a good start, but can Manning and the secondary finish? The objective answer is no. We need a big pass rush to help the secondary and I do not think Umenyiora (in his first week back) will be able to make the difference.

Giant optimists have one ray of hope…. Blezow has blessed us with a Cowboys Best Bet. Our prognostication hero is batting ~0.350.

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