Jarrett Allen Not Available in Trade Talks

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at New York Knicks

Jarrett Allen is one of the premier rim-protectors and shot blockers the NBA has to offer. Naturally, it makes sense why other teams would be interested in trading for the big man. However, he is a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ long-term plans, and they are letting teams know this in trade discussions. Allen is one of the rising young stars alongside Evan Mobley and Darius Garland. As a result, one cannot blame for wanting to build around their young trio long-term. Donovan Mitchell’s future with the organization is already up in the air. With this in mind, one cannot fault the Cavaliers for wanting to retain one of their All-Stars.

Cleveland Cavaliers Letting Rival Teams Know Jarrett Allen is Not Available for Trade

Jarrett Allen’s Impact

As alluded to already, Jarrett Allen has solidified himself as one of the better interior defenders in the league. For his career, he is tallying 1.3 blocks, 9.0 total rebounds, and 12.3 points per game. He is not Rudy Gobert by any means, but his frame and athleticism still allows him to affect shots at the rim. Especially with Evan Mobley helping on the weakside, another premier shot-blocker the Cavaliers possess. This season, Allen is averaging totals of 15.3 points (a career-high), 1.1 blocks, and 10.6 total rebounds per game to go along with a field goal percentage of 65.0 percent.

He is also averaging a career-best 3.0 assists per game this year and has a defensive rating of 108, a player efficiency rating of 22.2, and a true shooting percentage of 68.0 percent. Jarrett Allen is having a career year this season and the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken notice of his production. While the Cavaliers have a lot of tough decisions ahead for some key players, they know where they stand with the former Texas Longhorn.

Tough Decisions Ahead for Cleveland

As many already know, the team has to decide what to do with their star shooting guard, Donovan Mitchell. They are adamant about not trading him, but they are also risking him leaving in free agency once his two years are up on his contract. The All-Star shooting guard currently has two years left on his current deal. With this in mind, many are speculating that they have a very small championship window. The good news is that they have a solid foundation with young talent in Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and of course, Jarrett Allen.

If Mitchell does end up leaving the Cavaliers, they should still be in good hands. However, Donovan Mitchell is a star that elevates the Cavaliers to contender status in the Eastern Conference. To say the future is up in the air for the Cleveland Cavaliers would be an understatement. However, Donovan Mitchell will also be eligible for a contract extension this coming offseason. The team appears to be banking on this possibility. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a solid lineup in place to contend in the Eastern Conference. With all of this in mind, it makes sense why the Cavaliers are unwilling to trade their star rim-protector.

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