Kyler Murray Feeling “Locked In,” After Late Start in 2023

Kyler Murray is The Second-Highest Paid Player in NFL History

Kyler Murray returned to the field late in the regular season of 2023. He spent most of the year rehabbing from an ACL injury he suffered the year before. However, Arizona was able to win a few games once the quarterback returned in week 10. Going forward, Murray is feeling very confident, even as he continues to learn a new offensive scheme.

“I don’t put any limitation on what we can do,” Murray said.

Murray also had more to say in terms of building on what little success they had last year.

“Me being out there, everybody being in the system a whole ‘nother year, you can tell the difference out there,” he said. “Everybody’s playing faster, more comfortable. The rookies that we had last year, a great group, it allowed them to play faster because they’ve been in it. Got a lot of reps, got a lot of meaningful reps last year, and then the rookies that we just added are a good group so far too, so I’m excited.”

Arizona finished last season with a win-loss record of 4-13.

Kyler Murray Feels Confident in Arizona’s Direction

Kyler Murray’s Impact

When healthy, Kyler Murray is one of the more exciting quarterbacks in the NFL. Throughout his five- year career, he has made two Pro Bowls and was the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year. On top of this, Murray has also recorded 1,492 completions for 15,647 yards, a completion percentage of 66.6 percent, 94 career passing touchdowns, 46 career interceptions, 2,448 rushing yards, 26 career rushing touchdowns, and a career passer rating of 92.2. Many NFL peers have questioned Murray’s work ethic throughout his career, but one thing is for certain, he is still one of the craftiest quarterbacks in the league when he is fully healthy.

Can the Cardinals Start Improving?

The Cardinals added another receiving weapon in Marvin Harrison Jr. in the first round of the NFL Draft. However, the team still has plenty of other needs. They also reside in a division with the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. Not to mention, the Seattle Seahawks are always competitive. While Kyler Murray coming back for a full season will help the Cardinals, it is hard to imagine them finishing anywhere but last place in the NFC West this coming season. There is always one team that is a surprise in the league each season. However, odds are that the Arizona Cardinals are in for another season of rebuilding.

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