LAR 51 NYG 17


“The score speaks for itself.” Just ask John Mara, who said that to Steve Politi of Mara left his suite 7 minutes before the game ended, in much the same way that Giants fans emptied out well before the finish. In 2014 Mara remarked after a dispiriting loss to the lowly Jaguars that he wanted to fire everybody. Instead, he waited another season and a half to let Coughlin go and keep Reese. The Mara family prides itself on its deliberateness. Yet here we are again with another mid season implosion amidst another lost season.

Mara’s loyalty has not been rewarded. The venerable patience of ownership has been undermined by the reality that he has the wrong people running the show. He needs to look in the mirror, as his own decisions are hurting the team.

1964 was the last time Giants fans (those alive and old enough to watch) saw a Home game with a 50 spot put on the team. The team that beat the Giants on that day was the NFL champion that year, in the final day of the season. This contest midway through the season should have meant more. Apparently it did not.

Once again there is no need to recap such an epic collapse. Just watch a single replay of the Rams converting on a 3rd & 33 and that is all you need to know. Fitting that that play is amongst those that add to 51 points. How else can you get abject failure of this size?

The Delusion of the Head Coach and General Manager continues. Week after week, we witness greater and greater levels of embarrassment, humiliation and denial. Consider the delusion of GM Jerry Reese 12 days ago at the Bye…. here was one of a half dozen comments from his press conference that we believed were delusional:

On the 1-6 Giants: “We have nine games left. Don’t count us out yet. We’ve been left for dead before.” Cue the music from Aerosmith, Dream On.

Jerry Reese is living a nightmare. Jerry Reese IS the nightmare. His LBers sow this 51 point stain. We need Mara to awaken him and McAdoo with termination notices. Not at the end of the season. Now. Epic losses like 2014 Jacksonville and 2017 Los Angeles are neon signs which ask if ownership is paying attention. PATIENCE RAN OUT THREE YEARS AGO.

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