Nate Diaz, Mike Tyson Among Jake Paul’s Next Boxing Fight Opponents

Nate Diaz, Mike Tyson Among Jake Paul's Next Boxing Fight Opponents

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight could be postponed for the second time in a few months. While the news is disappointing for boxing fans, Paul is already getting ready to find his next opponent in the ring. Below, we’ll go over a list of potential opponents for Jake Paul’s next fight in the boxing ring.

Potential Opponents for Jake Paul’s Next Fight

After an agreement was announced last Thursday, the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight looks like it will be postponed yet again.

Fury was barred from getting on his flight to the US by Homeland Secure on Tuesday ahead of his press conference to promote the Jake Paul fight. If Fury can’t make it into the country for the August 6th fight at Madison Square Garden, there are several other opponents that could step up to fight Paul, including Nate Diaz, Mike Tyson, and Anderson Silva.

Below, we’ll go over a list of potential opponents for Jake Paul’s next fight, including one potential boxing match that the top offshore sportsbooks have already released odds for.

1. Nate Diaz

Jake Paul Opponent Nate Diaz

Jake Paul hasn’t been shy about calling out UFC fighters but any fighters under UFC Contract are not up for any real consideration. Paul knows that UFC president Dana White will not allow it but with Nate Diaz still waiting on his next fight, a fight between Paul vs Diaz could be brewing.

Diaz took to social media to call out the UFC to book the final fight in his contract or release him. He even teased fans by showing interest in the big-money boxing match against Jake Paul. While White said the matchup between Paul and Diaz makes sense, they are still looking for a potential fight for him.

Despite the fact that an official announcement has yet to be made, the top online sportsbooks have already released odds for a potential Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight following Dana White’s comments. Priced at +170 odds, Paul finds himself as the betting underdog against the former UFC fighter.

While Paul is undefeated in the ring as a pro boxer, his odds suggest that he has just a 37 percent chance of beating Nate Diaz in a boxing match.

2. Mike Tyson

Jake Paul Boxing Opponent Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson said he would never fight again but recently retracted his statement and is open to fighting Jake Paul under a few conditions.

Tyson made his return to the ring in November 2020 in an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. While many have sought to fight him, Tyson is apparently only open to fighting Jake Paul.

With more than seven million people following Paul’s next fight, Tyson is intrigued by the type of numbers that a potential Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul PPV fight might draw.

And for the right price, Tyson might even lace up the gloves and step foot into the boxing ring. According to sources, a potential Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight could be worth upwards of $300 million.

Some world champions don’t have nearly as many followers as Paul, who has become known as a fighter that can draw attention to the sport of boxing. Tyson has also been impressed with the YouTube boxer’s ability to fight, stressing that Paul shouldn’t be beating his last opponents but is still undefeated in the boxing ring.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tyson revealed he would be willing to face Jake Paul in the boxing ring under one condition — that the fight takes place in 2022.

3. Anderson Silva

Jake Paul Boxing opponent Anderson Silva

Former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva returned to boxing in 2021 for the first time since 2005 to beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr via split decision. Then, he went on to knock out Tito Ortiz in September.

Silva looked sharp against Brun Machado in an exhibition fight in a Floyd Mayweather undercard and could be another candidate to fight the former YouTube boxing sensation.

Silva said a fight with Paul is possible but the two have yet to reach an agreement.

While there are no betting odds available for a potential Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva fight, it would be safe to assume that Paul would once again find himself as the underdog in this bout against a former UFC champion.