NYG 28 PHL 23

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

I hate the Eagles. They have beaten the NY Giants 13 out of the previous 16 contests. I have been emotionally scarred for life by Brian Westbrook’s punt return TD and DeSean Jackson’s punt return TD. Even the Herman Edwards play invokes a bogeyman quality in this foe (The Giants were going nowhere that season, but it was a metaphor for 1970’s organizational dysfunction). So for me, this is by far the worst opponent of any in the NFL on a consistent basis. Beating them in any way possible is very important.

The Giants prevailed.

Here, you have the game. No, you have it. No, not interested, you have it.

Strange, bizzarre win.

Right now, down the turnpike, there are a bunch of Eagles fans wondering aloud how their team gave this game away.

  • They pissed away a FG by going for it on 4th and 2 at the NYG 23  (-3)
  • They pissed away another FG by going for it on 4th and 1 at the NYG 6 (-3)
  • Wentz INT gives away ball at the 30 yd line for TD (-7)
  • Wentz INT gives away ball at the 31 yd line for TD (-7)
  • Blocked FG pisses away another 3 points (-3)
  • Turnover on batted ball at 34 yd line of NY late in Q4 cannot convert TD to win game (-6)

That is a total of 29 points given away in one form or another. That the Giants held on to win by 5 is whistling past the graveyard.

The NY Giants run game is still a mess. They can run out of passing sets, but running in predicable run sets is not working. There is simply no push off the line of scrimmage. 24 carries for 54 yards, 2.3 ypg. The team actually had a little more success than usual; sad but true.

Things that won this game: JPP’s blocked FG. Collins and Adams making plays on the ball in Centerfield. Making the tackle of Wentz in the read option. OBJ’s yards after catch, turning a ~5 yard slant into a 26 yard TD. Victor Cruz’s nice catch for 46 yards and Eli’s perfect throw which led to a TD. Lewis with a nice 30 yard TD off of botched Safety coverage.

The Giants still have fits in covering the TE. Ertz went for a career best 97 yards today. He had 150 yards receiving all season (in 5 games). If you are a TE you circle the game/s you play vs the Gmen.

The Giants playcalling was better than previous games, but still very disturbing and confusing in spots.

According to Michael Strahan at the half, Landon Collins leads the NY Giants in tackles, sacks and INTs. He is only in his second year but he looks to be a leader in so many ways beyond statistics. It would be scary what he could do if he had a teammate who could start at his side (at Free Safety) for more than a few consecutive games.

As good as Wentz’s future looks, Agholor and Green-Beckham’s look cloudy. They did not help the rookie QB. The Eagles fast start is fizzling. After starting 3-0, they are now 4-4. If we look at who PHL beat those first 3 games (CLE, CHI and PIT, who are collectively 6-19), this is not a very good football team. They had one win vs MIN which looks good, but MIN is tanking hard too without an OL, 0-3 in their last 3 games.

The Giants played with energy. They were opportunistic. If they would have squandered away the win it would have been another matter, but the Defense got the job done when it had to. We could not say that at all last year.

Pugh’s injury is troubling. We understand Cruz’s does not look to be serious.

Praise any higher authority you like for that last INT by the Eagles not amounting for a last second comeback. Another in a string of many Eagles nightmares thankfully sidestepped.

Did I say I hate the Eagles? Onward. 5-3.

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