PHI 24 NYG 19

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants


Bad Officiating

Bad Offense


If you want to understand what happened, just go back to the Vikings game in Week 4. The similarities are disturbing. The Giants Offense was asleep. An early turnover combined with another TD put the team in a 14-0 hole. The opponent finished the game with 24 points and the Giants came up short.

The Defense has improved significantly since then. The Offense has not. Eli is telegraphing, a habit he last exhibited in great volumes back in 2007.

The Giants need to use rookie Perkins a lot more than veteran Jennings. This is more 2007 deja vu, as back then we cried out for more rookie Bradshaw over veteran Jacobs. Indeed, our draft analyst Wonder said on THE DAY HE WAS DRAFTED that the Round 5 RB from UCLA would be the starter by mid year. That Perkins is not starting is beginning to become painful. Watching Jennings move on screen passes (stuck in quicksand) is depressing when Perkins is built for the screen.

Where is the hope?

  1. Eli has to stop passing the ball too much to the TE, as he gets into a lot of trouble there. Tye is not much better than Donnell. As we stated previously, the Giants may as well use Adams, as the Offense can’t get any more dysfunctional than it already is.
  2. Use more Perkins.
  3. Eli stop with the telegraphing. If I can see it from my bedroom, the Opponent’s Safeties can certainly see it. Jenkins saw it twice last night. Eli made this adjustment in 2007 and he can make it again. He even used it to bait Ronde Barber in the first playoff win vs TB, so let’s see if the veteran can turn a negative into a positive.
  4. Stop playing footsie in Q1. The Giants (via Raanan of ESPN) have been outscored 88-51 in Q1. Considering the team is 10-5, that is a clear example of UNDERACHIEVEMENT. It means that the better team is unnecessarily digging a lot of holes despite being the better team. Did we mention that the Giants outgained the Eagles 470 yds to 286 yds?!
  5. Jenkins will be back next week. The Defense is terrific and can keep the team in any game.
  6. Eli better in January??? He can’t really be any worse. I know he is not playing as well as he did in the past, but I do believe he can (and has) play with more urgency.
  7. Pugh is helping the Giants.
  8. The team can’t get that screwed by the refs anymore than last night. Terrible disparity beyond the horrible F***ing they took.
  9. Cruz has clearly lost that spark separation, but he did manage to collect 8 receptions for 84 yds.
  10. I’d like to believe that the receivers won’t drop as many balls as they did last night when/if they are in the playoffs.
  11. Trevin Wade is playing better and he can be a decent backup.
  12. The QBs the Giants will face in the playoffs will not be as slippery as Wentz.

Where is there concern?

  1. The Giants are not road warriors and they will be on the road if they make the playoffs. They are 3-4 on the road this season and typically are AWOL.
  2. The OL continues to stink. I am still waiting for the Giants coaches to help Hart and Flowers with some chips on the edge rushers etc..

Sorry about the shorter post. The amount of anger and frustration coming from this loss was enough to almost make me boycott the sport. Yes, the officiating was that unbalanced and disgusting. The Eagles got 1 penalty for 5 yards. Whether or not the Giants get help this weekend to land a playoff berth, they need to beat Washington to improve. If the Offense does not improve, the Giants will not win a title. This is why we watch the games- that has to be the goal. There is enough here to win a title because the Giants have a Defense that DID improve. Championship Defense will travel. They need some help from the Offense. Just a little. Like not turning the ball over and not going 1-5 in the Red Zone. If Eli can play a little better and the OL/schemes can give him protection, a championship is possible. It won’t happen with effort like we saw from last night. The teams the Giants will face are better than PHL. Then again, the officiating made the Eagles look better than they were too. So that is why there is opportunity in the next 6 weeks.

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