PHI 34 NYG 29

This was the second Giants game I voluntarily declined to watch in 11 years of blogging. It is the first time in 2 generations that a Giants Head Coach/General Manager was dismissed in mid season. This is unchartered territory for two generations of fans. The pain will be over in 2 weeks.

Yesterday, the Giants played hard in their loss to Philadelphia. The Offense gave us a glimpse at what its potential can be (albeit with better OL play). The errors that were piled up by Flowers and Hart were a metaphor for the season. How appropriate that on 4th and Goal at the 6 yd line, Hart’s flag pushes the team back to 4th and Goal at the 11. That’s a much tougher situation. Whether or not a flag should have been called for PI, the Giants came up short. 2-12.

Special Teams were a horror. Quinn will not survive this. Next.

The only true sporting event for Giants fans now is determining what slot they’ll be picking in the 2018 Draft. The 49ers won yesterday, making that a bevy of teams at 4-10 (SF TB CHI HOU). The Giants face AZ and WAS. If the Giants Offensive effort is as strong as it was vs PHL, they can beat either or both teams. Remember that on Thanksgiving night vs the Redskins, the Giants Offense was anemic. Versus the Eagles, we saw the Giants come out strong with an opening drive for a Touchdown. That was a first for 2017. It demonstrates how easily the Giants can win here vs AZ or WAS. So don’t assume just because the Giants are 4.5 point dogs that they will collect another loss. If the Giants win another game and the Colts lose out, both teams would be 3-13 and the Giants would pick 3rd, as the Colts have played a weaker schedule (and would win the tiebreaker). As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised by a 4-12 record. It’s just way too early to assume the Giants pick 2nd overall.

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