Reese and McAdoo Fired

The NY Giants fired GM Jerry Reese and HC Ben McAdoo this morning. Next.

We have been critics of the Head Coach and General Manager for quite a while. For Ben McAdoo, it came in Week 2 of his second season. Regulars to this NY Giants blog know that we do not like to criticize a Head Coach in their first season. They get a honeymoon of sorts because our beacon, Bill Parcells, was 3-12-1 in his rookie year and needed that time to figure it out. The problem with McAdoo was that he was going in reverse, and quickly.

If you want to see what underachievement looks like, watch this football game.

Ben McAdoo is failing as a Head Coach. This is not Ray Handley. But it is coming close. Anything in the Handley zip code is bad.

Well, by the time we got to the Eli Benching, it was worse than Handley. It was epic. 2-10 with an Eli Benching on that sh*t cake. It was Week 2, and the underachievement was PALPABLE. How does an 11-5 team become a 2-10 team in ONE season? Stir in one part Ben McAdoo and one part…

Jerry Reese.

That Offensive Line was offensive. Everyone questioned what the plan was in the offseason. We got fed by the Reese front office PR machine the spin that Flowers and Hart were much improved. This blogger was a fool enough to give Reese a (VERY BRIEF) benefit of the doubt and pray that those two Tackles would not be horrible, merely mediocre. They started the season AWFUL. And it tanked the year. Flowers did get a little better but he is still a liability. McAdoo was left to scheme this mess, and he was missing in action, buried behind the diner menu aka playcalling.

We have had more than a few bones to pick with Reese for many YEARS. Here was our latest dissection from 2 years ago when we said to show this man the door. We chronicled 12 reasons why Reese needed to be replaced. The Giants kept him on for another 2 seasons. The Giants inherit Reese’s latest gift, a $62M JPP Crickets salary with a $40M Reese guaranteed kiss. The gift that will keep giving to the new GM.

DYSFUNCTION. UNDERACHIEVEMENT. MISERY. VOMIT. It is over. The dynamic duo are gone. “That pair of Head Coach and GM may be the worst combination I’ve seen in a long time,” said Wonder.

New beginnings. Ernie Accorsi is entrusted with helping to find a new GM that will be much more competent, honest and forthcoming than his predecessor Mr. Reese.

So how about this for the new GM’s architecture:

  2. Build an identity.
  3. If your Round 2 Defensive Tackle is good, lock him up BEFORE he hits Free Agency so that you use your R2 picks on someone else.
  4. Draft WRs with the character to salute their OLmen when they score a TD. (See Rule #1!)
  5. Draft a LBer in Round 1 more than once out of every 34 years.
  6. Repeat after me, it is legal to trade down in the Draft.
  7. Do not draft RB in Round 1.
  8. Defense still wins championships (even in an NFL where Offense is King).

On to the last 4 games of the season, the Giants may very well split these contests. They will have a decent shot at victories vs Washington and Arizona. So do not go dreaming about the #2 overall pick. For now, be grateful, VERY GRATEFUL, we have Eli Freaking Manning likely to start and McAdoo is gone.

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