Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam Blasts Triple H Over Dream Match

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Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam has never held back when discussing his feelings on any pro wrestling related topic, and it looks like the ECW Legend is maintaining the status-quo as he recently reacted to a Tweet issued by WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

As we noted on Friday, The New York Post published an article containing quotes from a recent interview with The Undertaker conducted by Pastor Ed Young, during which The Dead Man revealed Andre The Giant never told him about a secret feud idea Andre had for him and ‘Taker.

“No one knows what it was, but you know, [Andre] ended up passing away and he never let me know,” said Undertaker. “I wonder to this day, ‘Man, I bet it was good.’”

Hulk Hogan picked up on The New York Post article, Tweeting the following comment to his Hulkamaniacs.

The Tweet from Hogan prompted Rob Van Dam to chime in with a comment taking a shot at WWE star Triple H, who competed today in a match against The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down.

During an interview with Wrestling Shoots which was published back in April of this year, Rob Van Dam was asked about Triple H “burying” him and other talents in WWE, but RVD admitted that he was never privy to the decision making process in WWE and did not know for sure whether or not Triple H was actively burying him. RVD add the following, however, on his perception of Triple H’s position in WWE compared to that of other talents.

“People talk about that and you watch him and you see him dominating and then if you figure he’s in the decision making position, and he’s the one dominating, then, of course, you’re going to say ‘hey, he’s beating everybody,'” explained RVD. “And then when you have your favorites that you would rather see come up, and you see him stomping them down, I think everyone’s got a right to their opinion just from observing.”

You can listen to the entire interview with RVD in the above video player.

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