SEA 24 NYG 7

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

Yards from Scrimmage


The Giants were up 7-0 and then 7-3 at Halftime. It was one of the greatest mirages of the 2017 season.

The Gmen scored when a fumble was recovered by Landon Collins and returned to the Seattle 17 yard line. So the Giants lone TD from a gift-wrapped setup was the entire scoring in Week 7. 

During the 1st half, the Seahawks shot themselves in the foot regularly, blowing opportunity after opportunity. When one team has an overwhelming advantage, it is only a matter of time, and Seattle put up 21 unanswered points to realign the score with the yards.

The officiating was maddening at times. Those items are distractions. The Giants are still a bad football team despite last week’s win. (Denver got shut out by the Chargers 21-0, so how good does that win look now?) It was remarkable that the Giants held this game close until Q4. Heck, if Engram did not step out of bounds before re-entering the field of play, he would have scored a TD. Engram was about the only thing that went right for the Giants in this game.

It is hard to do a lot of things in the NFL when your OL is poor and your WRs are not adequate. Worse, the Giants Defense is sporadic and inconsistent. (If we asterisk the Giants with 10 more points via Engram and a missed FG, we can also asterisk SEA with 21 more points on two wide open receivers that got past the Secondary plus a turnover on downs at the 1 yd line.)

I am looking forward to listening to what Jerry Denial Reese has to say about his 1-6 team at the bye. The last time it was this bad (2-6, 2013), he was upbeat about how the Giants were only 2 games out of first place in a garbage NFC East. They put lipstick on that pig, beating Tolzien, Barkley, Freeman, and an injured Pryor en route to a 7-9 finish. This season will likely offer far fewer masks to hide the stench. There are only 2 games remaining against similarly weak opponents: the 49ers and the Cardinals.

If you expected this recap to break down the game, my apologies. There is little to analyze in a season that is already over. I already wasted 3 hrs watching dead men walking and am not about to waste another 2-3 hrs writing up a review of this nonsense. Thanks for coming over to read this post. I’ll be tweeting but frankly we should be spending the rest of the season with our families because Mara and his team are not worth our money or time. If you do not believe that, just listen to Reese’s PR bye week manure for corroboration. I’d prefer to hear him own up to his own failings. He never does that. He will not explain how his systemic negligence at OL (and LBer) have hurt the team. Instead, I suspect he will (at one point) hide behind Beckham’s injuries. Whatever. Next (season). Next post on something worthy of our time.

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