Week 8 JSAOAFQF Update


Thanks to a bye week, Josh Dobbs was unable expand his lead over the rest of the field, but his weekend of not throwing interceptions allowed the rest of the field to make a move on him. Austin Allen, Chad Kelly, and Trevor Knight all moved within striking distance, especially since Dobbs’ schedule difficulty will plummet the last five weeks of the season.

And let’s not forget we now have 10 quarterbacks with five interceptions or more, which only adds to the INTRIGUE. In fact, though it will be a trash game of the highest degree, Florida/Georgia brings us Luke Del Rio and Jacob Eason, one of which is guaranteed to make some moves in a game that might suffocate from lack of offense.

We also can’t ignore the work of Chad Kelly. As Auburn drives up the rushing yards and points against the Ole Miss defense, Kelly, knowing he is all the Rebels’ offense has, is gonna force some things, and then force some more things after that.


(Here’s a refresher on what we’re doing.)







A two-for-one special. Chad Kelly would’ve been the outright winner with a 44.0 QBR, but I cannot turn my back on Ty Storey’s 0.8, even though he only threw three passes. Look, if someone’s not gonna break 1.0, he’s getting part of the award.

In sad news, our streak of five streak weeks with a starting SEC East quarterback not breaking 6.5 in QBR has come to a close. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HOLD ON TO OR LOVE NOW.

However, it does mean we have six straight weeks of an SEC quarterback not breaking 6.5 in QBR. SILVER LININGS AND SUCH, Y’ALL.


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