Week 10 JSAOAFQF Update


Terribly late due to the place that gives me money demanding I, you know, do the actual tasks for which they give me money*, our interceptions update comes screeching into the parking lot on two wheels this Friday afternoon. If you’ve already forgotten last week’s action due to blocking out the pain or just general forgetfulness related to increasing age, two of our top contenders are now out of the running.


Chad Kelly and Trevor Knight will miss the rest of the regular season due to injuries (though Knight could return to throw bowl game interceptions), which means our eight-man field is down to six players with a realistic shot of taking home the JSAOAFQF. I was looking forward to an eight-way tie, but LIFE IS CRUEL AND CARES NOT FOR WHIMSY.

The good news is that if Shea Patterson does indeed play for Ole Miss this weekend, the Rebels could have THREE players on the leaderboard, which seems like it has probably never happened before, but I will not research to confirm.

We also welcome Jake Hubenak to the big board. Still plenty of throws left for him to make a move to the middle of the pack.









Thanks to pure trash quarterbacking, two-for-one specials are becoming the norm around here. Luke Del Rio threw up a 6.4 QB, as per SEC East protocol, but Danny Etling grew tired of the East’s stranglehold on garbage dump management and gave us a 5.7 in the QBR department.

That means we now have had eight straight weeks of an SEC quarterback not breaking 6.5 in QBR. A WEEKLY GIFT THAT FUELS MY ABILITY TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING.

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