A Special Valentine’s Day Message From Ed Orgeron


After an extended hiatus that was more like whatever the word is for super-hiatus* is, THIS MACHINE LIVES AGAIN. And what better way to emerge from the wilderness than on a day whose hype man is a greeting card company, who, considering Saint Valentine was beaten to death and had his head cut off, just might be the greatest hype man ever.

*Probably something like “I had other things I’d rather do.”

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to announce the return to the irregular posting of staggering stupidity, as well as offer you a free gesture of love from Ed Orgeron, who blocked me on Twitter despite me never once getting in his mentions or @-ing him.


Either Coach O is a secret Hugh Freeze when it comes to Twitter, or his army of grad assistants knows all.

Regardless, Happy Valentine’s Day to Coach O, and here’s a message from him to you.


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