Warm Porridge

The more I think about yesterday’s loss to the Boys, the more I see how evident it is that Coughlin’s players do not fear him. I am a huge Shockey fan. But he went on my sh*t list when he openly complained about the benching of Burress last season for missing/lateness to a meeting/s. Shockey argued that when Burress did not start the game, it harmed the team because they did not have their best players on the field.

Too freakin’ bad.

Who runs the show? Well, now we have personal fouls galore, and the inmates are running the asylum. We are losing games with the inmates, so why not lose with ones who can respect the coaches and their fellow players by not costing them 15 yards every time they need to act out. Coughlin has lost the respect of the players. Many of these guys, along with Coughlin, have to go. Whitfield headbutt? Gone. Walker sideline shot on Young? Gone. Burress cheapshot 38 seconds after the play was dead? Gone. Ship them off to the Raiders and let them make penalties there. NEXT.

As I wrote before, I still fear the NYG will middle us with something like 8-8. Kiss your sister. This porridge is not too hot for kickin’ some butt in the playoffs, this porridge is not too cold to ax the coach. This porridge is just warm enough to keep the loser another year or two so that we can watch 94 yards of penalties per game. I have seen the enemy and he is us.

Giants ownership likes that reputation of being the strong flagship franchise, the one that acts with calculated and deliberate forethought. TRANSLATED, they do not make changes easily. And that means that when I read Vaccaro in the Post calling for Coughlin’s head, I laughed. It is not coming that easily.

Back in Jan 2003, Wellington Mara compared the 49er loss to the Chicago ’85 playoff loss, implying we were building a champion and that great things awaited all of us next season. I do not know what planet he was on, but back here on planet Earth that light at the end of the tunnel was the Mack truck delivering us the Dallas Mon Night implosion and the Westbrook punt return. So I soberly caution all of you who want a new coach to not hold your breath. They will not fire Coughlin, because they respect him enough to give him another season or two. You better root for hot or cold porridge because warm porridge means more of the retread.

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