Washington Wizards 2023 Media Day Quotes From Tyus Jones, Corey Kispert, and Danilo Gallinari

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By: Michael Marzzacco

Here are the most notable quotes from Tyus Jones, Corey Kispert, and Danilo Gallinari from Washington Wizards media day last week. In case you missed it, find quotes from Kyle Kuzma, Jordan Poole and Bilal Coulibaly here.

Tyus Jones

On how he would describe his game for Wizards fans who aren’t familiar:

“I’d like to say a traditional point guard. Kind of more old school nowadays. I like to set my teammates up, make the right play, just really play unselfish, take what the defense gives me, pride myself on not turning the ball over, and just try to be a solid, complete point guard.”

On his discussions with head coach Wes Unseld Jr. on being the starting point guard:

“They just ultimately want me to be me. Want me to be Tyus. Come here, be a leader, continue to lead, continue to be vocal. You know, just set the example first and foremost, be an extension of Wes on the court and at the same time like I said it’s a bigger opportunity for myself individually but ultimately I pride myself on winning and I know if the team wins everyone else’s individual success will follow suit so that’s the most important thing and that’s just kind of what I pride myself as a point guard. They just want me to be me, seize the opportunity, seize the moment and I’m ready to do that.”

Corey Kispert

On taking a big step forward last season and what he can improve on this season:

“I mean, I hope to pick up, number one, right where I left off. I want to have that elite like unwavering confidence in myself and my team. I felt like there were times last year where I kind of float to the back and you know, get cardio, just be up and down a bit while guys are playing and I can’t do that this year. That’s one thing. While I improve on the offensive side of the ball, that’s where a lot of people kind of see me improve the most tangibly. I need to be just as good or better on defense as well. There were times last year where I get subbed in and out of games at the end, kind of for offense, defense and free throws and stuff like that and that just can’t happen this year. You know, if I want to be the player I want to be in this league, you know, a couple of years down the road like that has to be a number priority for me.”

On what it means to get a shoutout from JJ Reddick on his podcast:

“JJ and I have had conversations going back a couple of years and to see him not only complement me on shooting but he spent a lot more time complementing me on what I do off the ball and that to an untrained eye is really hard to pick up and obviously JJ has watched basketball and played basketball for years but to point that out to people who you know might not necessarily see it was probably the coolest part for me. It was really detailed and really happy he did that so thanks to JJ.”

Danilo Gallinari

On how he can stand out and make his mark on this Wizards roster:

“Play more at the five position and still help the force with my experience but in terms of minutes on the court, probably more minutes at the five.”

On if he expected a trade to the Wizards:

“I didn’t expect it because on a Friday I had a meeting with the team and on Tuesday they traded me. But it’s nothing new to me, it’s part of the business, part of the NBA, I’m used to it now but sometimes it’s for the better. Every time there is a chance to have a new chapter and start a new season, it’s always exciting. To answer your question, I didn’t know but I’m excited especially after, like I said, not playing basketball for 13 months and not doing what I love to do every day, it’s tough. I’ve been through it unfortunately but I’m still excited so I’m ready to go.”

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