We Shalln’t Forget You Ole Miss and Kentucky

Most college football-related people spent a good part, if not all, of last week talking about the next “Game of the Century” between LSU and Alabama, and has spent and will continue to spend every waking second of this week talking about it.  It has been cast as the battle between the two giants of college fooball, King Kong against Godzilla, or MEGASOMETHING versus MEGASOMETHING.  Personally, I prefer Bo Duke versus Luke Duke with Mike Slive playing the role of a less-bearded and overalled, but slimmer version of Uncle Jessie.  It fits nicely given the region of the country and a battle between the Dukes would be watched by literally EVERYONE ACROSS THE SOUTH.

But, while everyone’s attention is focused on this game, and eleventy billion percent deservedly so, there’s an unfortunate lack of attention being paid the the bizarro Bo Duke versus Luke Duke game.  Of course, I am speaking of the most horrible game you will watch this season, the Ole Miss/Kentucky game.  Being that it will be so horrible and unwatchable by those without a rooting interest, it too deserves an apt comparison.  One that captures the essence of the worst three and a half hours of the entire football season.

I spent a solid eight minutes in semi-shallow thought and have arrived at a worthy comparison.  Frome hereto forthwith, the Ole Miss/Kentucky game shall be known as:

We Shalln't Forget You Ole Miss and Kentucky














We Shalln't Forget You Ole Miss and Kentucky



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