Will Muschamp Promotes His Health Care Plan

At this very hour, each Republican member of the House of Representatives finds themselves engaged in a great internal struggle over whether they should support or vote against the proposed health care bill fresh from the minds of Russia’s B-team. The struggle is not over the merits or inadequacies of the proposal, but whether or not a vote for the bill will end their political careers and force them get into lobbying or, ugh, return to the UNWASHED ARENA OF LOCAL AND/OR STATE POLITICS.

Sensing a void in need of shouting and filling, Will Muschamp is taking to the streets to let the folks out there know he’s got a health care plan that is good for everyone and cost effective.

While he might not actually get off the bus when he comes to your town, he at least promises to yell the following talking points through the window as the bus drives by you, if you happen to be standing on the sidewalk along the bus’ route.

Get plenty of exercise


Keep your stress levels low


Protect yourself from anything that could cause you to get sick


Try to work off any stress you might have by relaxing with friends