Over/Under Betting Guide – How To Under Bet

In many sports, the over/under betting market is very popular. However, this market is designed to be different, offering players a way to bet on a particular game without choosing the winner.

Here we will look in-depth at the over/under bet, what it is, where you can place the bet, and how to get started. 

The Best Over/Under Betting Sites List

Many bookmakers offer over/under betting as part of their service, allowing players to place this great bet on the games they want. Here is a selection of the very best we have found. 

  1. BetOnline – A huge sportsbook with fantastic over/under betting markets
  2. Bovada – Full coverage of worldwide sporting events
  3. MyBookie – Explore many markets for betting over/under with a leading brand
  4. BetUS – A bookmaker that offers a simple platform, perfect for beginners
  5. XBet – A sportsbook dedicated to the largest events on the planet
  6. Intertops – Great over/under betting markets on all the big US leagues
  7. Sportsbetting.ag – Get NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA betting over/under and more
  8. BetNow – A genuinely global sportsbook, covering every corner of the world
  9. GT Bets – Very competitive odds for your over/under bet and other markets
  10. BUSR – Versatile sportsbook with excellent in-play betting options

What is Over/Under Betting? 

Regular betting often involves predicting the winner of a game, but over/under betting offers you a different perspective to look at. The over/under sports betting market gives you a line that the bookmaker has created, and all you have to do is predict whether the total in the match will be over that or under it. 

The bet can focus on many different aspects of a game, but the most popular is the total number of scores, so goals in soccer and ice hockey, or points in NFL and NBA betting. 

How Over/Under Betting Works

With this type of betting, you can place a wager on the contest and not choose who will win. This is great if you are unsure, or there is a strong favorite, and the odds are not appealing.

How over/under betting works is straightforward, and this is the case across all sports.

First, the bookmakers set the line, which will be displayed clearly when looking at the market. Then, there will be two betting options, over and under – you simply choose which you want to bet on.

Betting sites make this market a two-way market by adding a .5 to their line – this means the bet can’t result in a draw. 

Here are some examples of lines you will see at the best soccer sites

Soccer – line set at 2.5 – Over = three or more, Under = two or less

NFL – line set at 42.5 – Over = 43 or more, Under = 42 or less

NBA – line set at 198.5 – Over = 199 or more, Under = 198 or less

Over/Under Betting Odds

The odds on an over/under betting market will always be very similar. This is because the market is two-way, and bookmakers set the line. This means they can set the line at a point when they believe it to be the fairest possible, so both outcomes are priced up almost the same. 

However, the odds will not always stay the same. News about the game and the money placed on the market can affect the odds and how they change. 

Bookmakers want to protect their profits, and they do that by changing the odds to reflect their position. So if too many people are betting on the same outcome, bookmakers will lower the odds on that, and raise them on the other side of the market, to try and get money on that, which would balance their book. 

On top of this, look out for any news that may affect the game. For example, has a player been ruled out that will affect scoring? Does the weather forecast point to the game being played in harsh conditions, making scoring more challenging? These will all affect the game and change the odds. 

How to Read an Over/Under Bet?

Most bookmakers display the over/under market in precisely the same way, so you will be able to understand what it is and how it looks, regardless of where you play. 

The first aspect to look for is the line, which will vary because bookmakers set this themselves, and not all will have the same opinion. 

Then you will see the two options, usually shown with an O and U, standing for over and under, with the odds at the side. 

Look at the line, choose if you want to go over or under based on the odds on offer, click the one you want, and your bet will be added to the bet slip. 

Example of an Over/Under Bet

If you want an idea of what an over/under bet looks like, here are two examples for you to look at. 

Example 1 

NFL – Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

Over/Under betting line set at 38.5

Over 38.5 (-110)

Under 38.5 (-110)

Bet – $110 on over 38.5

Final score – Packers 28-20 Giants = Total points 48

Bet is a winner, with $110 returning $100 profit = $210 total returns

Example 2

NBA – Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz

Over/Under betting line set at 195.5

Over 195.5 (-115)

Under 195.5 (-105)

Bet – $105 on under 195.5

Final score – Nuggets 100-82 Jazz = Total points 182

Bet is a winner, with $105 returning $100 profit = $205 total returns

Over/Under Betting Strategy

It is essential to have a strategy for your over/under betting to ensure you get the best from it. 

Make sure you don’t always stick to going over or going under – it is vital to vary things. Secondly, you should approach this type of betting like you would any other. For example, when betting on the moneyline, you will compare form and player ability, but when you are betting over/under on NFL games or any other sport, you need to compare the scoring and defensive skills. 

Ask yourself, does the game look like it can be open and free-scoring, or will defensive players come out on top?

Then look at conditions – will they favor how you think it will go? 

Finally, look at the game situation. Does a particular team need to win, meaning they may play more offensively, or is it a game where a team wants to play more conservatively? 

All of these questions should form part of your over/under betting strategy.

Best Over/Under Sportsbooks Reviewed

1. BetOnline – A huge sportsbook with fantastic over/under betting markets

BetOnline Sportsbook Homepage

There is no doubt that BetOnline Sportsbook is one of the more prominent names in worldwide sports betting, with an excellent service to back that up, including many over and under betting options. They offer strong coverage of US leagues and sports from all around the world. 

Players looking for great choice will love this sportsbook, with many sports, extensive leagues covered, all presented in a high-quality fashion, with a site that is relatively simple to navigate.  

As a new player, you can claim the BetOnline welcome offer. This is a matched deposit bonus that is matched to 50% and available up to $1000. The promo code to claim this is BOL1000, giving you a fantastic start as a new player on the site, allowing you to explore everything they have and look out for the events that are already favorites of yours. 

BetOnline Pros

  • Excellent betting variety, including over/under markets
  • Huge welcome offer for new players to claim
  • Look out for further promotions, including reload bonuses
  • Extensive betting in-play markets while the game is taking place

BetOnline Cons

  • No mobile app

2. Bovada – Full coverage of worldwide sporting events

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada are another big name and offer an excellent service that spreads all around the world. They have very competitive odds on offer, so you know you will get a good deal when you bet here. 

This site is ideal for those who want to bet at home, just as it is for those betting elsewhere. So whether it’s a European sport and league, your local NBA team or anything else, Bovada have you covered. They offer strong over/under betting markets alongside a range of other opportunities for you to take advantage of. 

The Bovada Sportsbook welcome bonus is open for new players – this is a matched deposit offer of 50% and is available up to $1000. You do not need a promo code to claim this offer, and there is a 5x wagering requirement attached to it, but there are no minimum odds you need to hit while using the bonus. 

Bovada Pros

  • Great welcome offer, get up to $1000
  • Highly competitive betting odds
  • A massive name in the world of gambling
  • Excellent special bets for US sports leagues

Bovada Cons

  • No mobile app

3. MyBookie – Explore many markets for betting over/under with a leading brand

MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie has a range of excellent betting markets for players to enjoy, including fantastic over/under betting coverage. On top of this, they are known for offering competitive odds on their lines, so the deal you get is strong. 

One of the biggest standouts is US sports here. If you like to bet on the big leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, then MyBookie Sportsbook is great. They provide superb over/under betting markets, with a range of others to use if you want to bet differently. 

New players can claim the MyBookie welcome offer, giving a 100% matched deposit offer of up to $1000. You can use this offer to place bets at any odds but note the 10x wagering requirement attached to the deal for you to play through. 

MyBookie Pros

  • Claim the welcome bonus, 100% matched up to $1000
  • Look out for further reload offers
  • Competitive odds to give a good deal
  • Massive coverage of US sport leagues

MyBookie Cons

  • The site can be tricky to navigate for new customers

4. BetUS – A bookmaker that offers a simple platform, perfect for beginners

BetUS Sportsbook

A quick look at the BetUS site and you will see that this has been built to cater to everyone, from complete beginners to experienced gamblers. The menu system, the layout of betting markets, and the site’s simplicity are all perfect for those taking their first steps into the online gambling market. 

BetUS Sportsbook offers multiple markets to use, including the chance to place an over/under bet. This is available across many leagues and competitions, allowing everyone to get involved on this line, regardless of the sport they bet on. 

By using the promo code JOIN125, new players can claim the welcome bonus from BetUS. This is a sports and casino offer, 100% matched up to $2500 on sports and 25% matched up to $625 for casino gaming. The sports offer has a 10x wagering requirement, while the casino bonus has a 30x requirement. 

BetUS Pros 

  • A welcome offer combining both sports and casino gaming
  • Robust betting options for US leagues
  • Explore over/under betting across many competitions and leagues
  • Excellent website design to help you find markets easily

BetUS Cons

  • To claim the bonus, a minimum deposit of $100 is needed – this is high

5. XBet – A sportsbook dedicated to the largest events on the planet

Over/Under Betting Guide - How To Under Bet

If you want a sportsbook that allows you to access the biggest and best events easily, then look no further than XBet. They have a site full of quick links to the biggest events, meaning you can usually get to them in just one click from the home page. 

Many of these events occur in the US, making this a great place for American players to enjoy, as you will undoubtedly be interested in the many events covered. We also really like the odds on offer here – they stand up well as being some of the best in the industry, which is great to see. 

New players can get the XBet Sportsbook welcome offer, a 100% matched bonus of up to $500 in your new account. Of course, players have a 7x wagering requirement attached to this, but the bonus gives you the chance to explore the site in full and see precisely what XBet have on offer for players.

XBet Pros

  • Site designed to give quick and easy access to big events
  • New player offer of 100% matched up to $500
  • Good odds on offer to get a great deal
  • Use the shortcuts and quick links to navigate the site easily

XBet Cons

  • Live betting is complex on the site and difficult to navigate

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How to Place an Over/Under Bet

There are many similarities with betting over/under between the various bookmakers, so placing this bet is easy regardless of the bookmaker you choose. 

Here we are going to show you the entire process, using BetOnline as an example. Firstly, we will sign up, deposit, and then bet on the over/under betting line. 

  1. Head over to BetOnline using the link above to take you to the landing page.Over/Under Betting Guide - How To Under Bet
  2. When you are there, look out for the ‘Join Now’ green box, click this to create an account.
  3. Enter your name, email, date of birth, address, mobile number, and create a password for your accountBetOnline Create Account
  4. You will be required to verify your details above by sending copies of your ID to BetOnline, so make sure you get them correct and do this to avoid delays.
  5. To deposit into the account, head to the cashier page. Choose a method and enter your deposit amount, making sure you consider the welcome bonus here so that you can claim it as a new player.BetOnline Select Deposit Methods
  6. Now you are ready to bet, so head over to the sport you would like to bet on and look for the over/under betting markets.
  7. Most sports will list this as one of the leading markets listed as soon as you click on the sport or league, so you should be able to access the line quickly and place your bets.

  • All
  • Crypto
  • Telegram Betting

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First Deposit Bonus Up To $1,000

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Over/Under Betting Tips

1. Mix up your bets

Don’t just focus on the over line because you want to watch high scoring games – there is great value to be found on the under line.

2. Check the weather conditions if applicable

If you are betting over/under on an outdoor sport, be sure to check the weather. In certain sports, such as the NFL, the weather can play a massive part in how open and free-flowing the game is, which significantly impacts the score.

3. Consider how your bet will win

This is especially important on the over line. Consider what will need to happen for your bet to win – do you need a strong game from both teams or a big one-sided victory? Make sure teams have a reason to play and players capable of delivering what you need.

4. Shop around for value

It’s best to always look for value when betting, but it is even more critical on the over/under betting line. This is because bookmakers set the line, as well as the odds so that you could get a better deal on the line and the odds from a particular bookmaker if you go and find it. 

5. Bet at the right time

Like all bets, team news, conditions and other reports will change the odds. So if you are expecting good news in a game you are betting on, such as a star player playing, look to bet before the announcement if you think it will affect the betting market you want to bet on. 


We have covered the over/under betting meaning here to provide all you need to take it forward. This betting option is a great alternative, as you can bet without choosing who will win the game. 

The over betting is always considered a fun option, but don’t miss out on the under line, as excellent value can be found in low scoring games, especially if things like the weather are on your side. 

Placing bets is easy and very similar with most bookmakers – just make sure you shop around to get the best value, as both the line and the odds can differ between each bookie.


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