Look Up! It's Everyone Else In The Standings!

Look Up! It's Everyone Else In The Standings!


Look Up! It's Everyone Else In The Standings!


Zack Wheeler was facing Paul DeJong in the sixth with a runner on and the Mets up 1-0 on Monday. Wheeler, who breezed through four innings and slogged through the fifth, just missed on a 2-2 pitch. Keith Hernandez says he wants a pitch up because everybody uppercuts. Next pitch was down, and DeJong fouled it back. Ron Darling astutely noted that when a guy fouls a ball straight back, he’s right on it. Travis d’Arnaud called for another pitch down, and Wheeler threw it towards the middle of the plate.

DeJong, who is quickly becoming the Daniel Murphy of the area west of the Mississippi, smacked it over the wall for a two run home run and the Factory of Doom was just starting to churn out its latest episode of death. Adam Wainwright smacked a double off Wheeler to end his night, and made sure this guy got his ass kicked on the way out of Citi Field.

Then came the Parade of the Damned. Josh Edgin came in for the purpose of walking a batter, and then came the return of Hansel Robles, who you remember from the time he gave up a home run to the moon while pointing upwards to let his teammates know it was in the air.

[mlbvideo id=”1393300783″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

But for those who didn’t remember, I gave them fair warning.

It took one pitch after that tweet went out for Robles to give up a home run to Tommy Pham that hit a satellite. I hate being right. As for Robles, he pointed to the air again!!!

Hey, guy in section 538! Can o’ corn!

That made it 6-1, and although the Mets got back to within striking distance with the help of a Lucas Duda home run and two outfield errors on one play by Magneuris Sierra (which sounds like a stretch of Arizona that the Diamondbacks want to build there new park by), the strike didn’t have enough distance as Yoenis Cespedes swung at a 3-0 pitch in the ninth which wound up being a game ending double play because Cespedes is pressing and the pitch was on the outer half. Game over, Cardinals win, and the Mets have ordered a cake for the upcoming good-bye party for anybody with an expiring contract and working ligaments.

Speaking of working ligaments, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey played catch before the game and nobody died.

Hansel Robles pointed up after every toss.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Paul DeJong
  2. Tommy Pham
  3. Whatever Hansel Robles is pointing at
  4. Adam Wainwright
  5. Yadier Molina

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